Page 90 of Fallen Daughters

I arched my back as his cock drove deep inside and screamed out his name. Over and over again. Pike. Pike. Pike.

He grabbed me, with a rough hand to the neck, pulling me face down. He sucked at my tongue, swallowing my orgasmic groans. I bit his lip, tasting his blood and bucked my hips, milking the last wave of my release.

I reared up, gasping, reveling in the big cock that slammed deep inside of me with every thrust of his hips. Pike looked wild, the thick muscles of his abdomen and chest rippling, his hair curling white around his ears. I had never seen a more beautiful species. My species.

I dug my fingers into his chest and he groaned again. My thighs burned. I didn’t care. None of it mattered. All that mattered was giving Pike the pleasure I so desperately wanted to give him.

I leaned back, resting my hands on his corded, muscled thighs so I could get a better angle. His eyes burned into me, dark and probing, hard and hot, as if he saw into my soul. Every time he looked at me, I felt our bond grow stronger and stronger. There was no more lifeblood for Pike to give me, and yet I felt the powerful pull all the same.

The orgasm coiled tight within me again, drawing close.

“Pike,” I cried. “Can you feel it? Do you feel the connection? It’s as if the lifeblood is still there.”

He nodded. “Yes, I feel it. I fucking feel it.”

He slipped a hand down to stroke my clit, and I allowed him to throw me over the edge as he thrust his final release into me with a deep growl. I screamed as a flood of light knocked the wind out of me. Wave after wave of heat coursed through my veins as Pike pumped his seed inside of me. His entire body lit up as mine did. Bright, brilliant, light exuded from our bodies, causing both of us to have to shield our eyes from each other’s luminance.

When the shocking radiance dimmed enough that I was able to open my eyes fully, I gasped in surprise. “Pike! Your skin.” He lay beneath me with a soft hue of red flowing beneath his skin. His lifeblood had returned. Somehow, some way, it had returned. The red wasn’t as bright or bold as before, but seemed warmer, softer. Any signs of white had vanished.

He sat us both up and looked at me with surprise. “And your skin. Truth, look at your skin.”

He held my hand up so I could see what he was talking about. Tears welled up in my eyes when I saw the color of a soft orange flowing beneath my once white skin. I exuded light of the setting sun.

“My red, and Cross’s gold—”

“Combined somehow, to make the orange.” I studied my hand and turned it so I could see the pulsing light run along the palm of my hand. “Cross’s lifeblood. But how?”

Pike pulled me into his arms and whispered, “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

“We have our lifeblood back,” I cried against his heated chest.

“We do,” he said as he kissed my head. “Somehow Cross gave it back to us.”

“And Trinity,” I added, which may have been a long shot, but there was a part of me deep inside that felt she had a part in this. That somehow Pike and I making love brought a part of our Lifeblood Twins energy to the surface.

Pike stood and helped me up and gently led me to the galley table. “How do you feel?”

“Really good. Better than ever, in fact.” And it wasn’t because I just had the most powerful sexual experience of my life. “That dark hole that was inside of me when my sister died seems to have gone away. The light flowing through me makes me feel whole again. Like she is right inside of me.”

Pike nodded. “I feel the exact same way. I feel Cross as if he were standing right here in this room.”

“Why? How?” I asked, not sure what the answer was. I had never heard of any old myths of something like this happening in the past. It was believed that once you lost your lifeblood, it was gone forever.

Pike simply shook his head in a silence response.

“So what does this mean now? We have our lifeblood, so we aren’t technically Pallid Slaves. Do we continue to transport like you and Cross did before?”

“No. I still want us to join forces with the Unin soldiers. We may never see the defeat of the Drenken. The war between them and Unin has lasted decades already. But we should try. We should spend the next decade or two, if that is what it takes, going to war and trying to win back our planet.”