Page 94 of Fallen Daughters

The trunk opened, and when the fresh air hit her face, it gave her a renewed strength. As the men lifted her out of the car, she gave it her all. Gyrating her body, screaming, biting, and scratching, she would do whatever she could to leave her mark on these men; she would make damn sure their DNA was all over her. The early rising sun burned her eyes as she was forced on her back and straddled by her captor. A punch to the face finally stunned her into submission, and Jessa had no choice but to succumb to her death.


“Boys, we got ourselves a wild one! I got claw marks, and Willy got bit on the cheek!”

Jessa struggled against the bonds that were now only around her wrists. The two men shoved her forward, causing her to stumble on the rocky path. She looked around, foolishly taking in her surroundings. They would have to kill her now since she had seen not only their faces, but their hide out.

What was this place?

It looked like an abandoned campsite. Small barrack-like cabins surrounded a central area with wooden benches lined in several rows around a mini amphitheater. In the middle, stood a rusted flag pole and the American flag fluttering in the breeze.

These fuckers considered themselves Americans?

Flying next to the American one was another flag that Jessa didn’t recognize. It appeared homemade and actually flew above the American one as if it were more important. Wasn’t there some law against that? She mentally kicked herself for thinking these kidnappers gave a damn about any law. There was nothing but dense trees all around them, forming a natural wall or barrier. She was in the thick of the woods in the middle of nowhere in some abandoned campsite.

“Walk,” one of the men ordered, breaking her from her observations with a kick to her calf. “Don’t make me kick you the entire way.”

Several men came out from the cabins as Jessa was kicked and shoved to the center area. Some of the men were dressed in worn fatigues, others were in jeans and filthy tank tops. Long hair, tattoos, dirty—yes, it was quite obvious that although this place had a slight resemblance of a military base, it was anything but. These men were not soldiers, regardless if they wore camo or not.

“Please!” she called out from behind the gag in her mouth. “There was no use talking, but hopefully one of the now ten or so men gathering around her would take pity on her. They couldn’t all be heartless rapists and killers could they?

“Where’s Rune? He’s going to be happy with this one. She’s prettier than the last few we’ve brought in.”

“What treat have you brought us today?” a voice called out from her right. All heads turned to a man walking toward her. He only wore a pair of fatigues and black boots. His chest remained bare, showing his muscled arms and six pack abs. Even though his body was of a God, his greasy hair and wicked smile took away whatever sex appeal he may have had. He approached to where he stood inches from Jessa, so close that she could smell his musky body odor, and it made her want to vomit.

She refused to look him in the eye as he stood before her raking his eyes up and down her body as if attempting to see through her clothing. Maybe if she didn’t look at him, he would somehow let her go. Maybe he would realize this was all some sort of mistake, and she wasn’t the one meant to be kidnapped. Maybe this day would not end in rape and death… if only she didn’t look him in the eye.

“Where did you find her?”

“By the lumberyard. Can I make her mine, Rune? She’s a pretty one.”

“No way!” a man from the crowd called out. “I’m next in line for one. She’s mine.”

“Shut up!” Rune shouted, causing Jessa to flinch. She hated showing fear, but hiding the fact that she was terrified was impossible. Her body shook, and her knees threatened to collapse at any minute. Tears filled her eyes, but she refused to cry. “Decker hasn’t claimed anyone yet, and he is higher rank than you all.” Rune stopped examining Jessa’s body to look around. “Where the hell is he?”

“He went out huntin’ this morning. He should be back by nightfall,” another man called out.

“Fine. Take her and lock her up with the others. Decker gets first dibs, and if he doesn’t want her, then you all can fight over her.” Rune removed her gag and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Fuck you!” Jessa spat.

Rune smiled, placed the gag back in her mouth, and said, “Take Fuck you and lock her up with the other Fuck you and Go to hells. I’m sure she’ll like the chain around her neck, just like the other Fuck you does.” Several men laughed as they all turned and went back to whatever they were doing before her arrival.