Page 95 of Fallen Daughters

Jessa was lead to a larger building that looked as if it had once served as either a mess hall or an activity room. The windows had bars on them and the one door of the entrance had several locks as well as had a man with a shotgun sitting on a chair in front of it. The guard pulled out a ring of keys and began unlocking the door. Moments later, a near punch to the back shoved Jessa into a dark room. It took her eyes several minutes to adjust to the darkness to make out what was around her. Huddled against the wall, were five women, naked and chained like animals.

“Take your clothes off,” the man who led her ordered. He unfastened her hands and removed her gag, tossing it to the floor.

“Fuck you!” she screamed again in retort.

The man reached for his belt and pulled it free from the loops. He doubled it over in his palm. “I’ll beat you until you do.” The look in his eye, and the way he tested the belt by hitting it against his hand, told Jessa he meant business. Taking a deep breath, she lifted her t-shirt above her head.

“Thata girl. Keep it coming, and Daddy won’t have to whip that fine ass of yours.”

She removed the rest of her clothes, trying not to pay attention to the man who looked as if he may very well come in his pants just by watching. She also didn’t look at the women in the corner, as if looking at the other kidnap victims made this nightmare all the more real. It wasn’t until he placed a heavy metal collar around her neck that she looked up from the ground. The man hooked a long chain to the collar, dragged her over to the other women, and secured her chain to a hook screwed into the floor.

He then walked over to her clothes and picked them up, bringing her panties to his nose and taking a deep breath. “Mmm…a sweet one.”

Jessa wanted to attack and gouge the bastard’s eyes out, but the thick metal around her neck reminded her that her mobility had been greatly compromised.

“You ladies tell our new guest all the rules. If she gets a beating for breaking them, you all get a beating,” the man declared before turning around and leaving.

Jessa fingered the collar, staring at the women who had all remained silent the entire time.

“Where are we?” she asked. “Who are these people?”

“Shh! Don’t talk so loud,” one of the girls whispered. “If we get too loud, the guard will come in and do whatever his evil mind is in the mood for.”

“What do they want with us?” Jessa asked in a whisper this time. “Why are we chained naked to the floor?” If they planned on raping and killing her, why hadn’t they done so by now? Why was she and these women being held captive like slaves?

“To breed,” was the simple answer from a tinier girl with her knees pulled up to her chin. She had bruises along her thighs, and Jessa could see fingerprint marks on her upper arms. The busted lip she had still didn’t take away from her beauty, however.

“Breed?” Jessa asked, taking in each of the women slowly.

“Yes, for our blue eyes and blonde hair.”

Jessa now noticed that all the women, including her, matched this description.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Jessa said, loud enough that several of the girls hushed her again. “Those men out there plan on breeding with us? As in trying to get us all pregnant?”

They all nodded. “They do, and they have. There are others like us here. They’re already lucky enough to be owned.”

Jessa’s head spun trying to make sense and absorb what was being said. “Lucky enough to be owned?” Could she have heard that right? Had she stepped into a science fiction movie? Breeding? Owned?

“If you aren’t owned, then you stay here chained up and fucked by all the men who aren’t high enough in the ranks yet. So when we do get pregnant, it can be with any of the twenty or so men that have fucked us. It doesn’t matter to them though. Just as long as more pure babies are made.”

Pure babies? What the fuck were these women talking about?

“If I were you,” the tiny, bruised girl spoke again, “I would focus on trying to be claimed by just one man for breeding. It’s the only way out of this dark room.”

The other girls nodded in agreement.

Jessa didn’t know what to say. She fingered the collar around her neck, hating how tight it felt each time she swallowed. She scanned the dark room for any signs of escape. The only light came from small slits in the window, but it was enough that Jessa could see there was only one way in, and one way out. Each window had metal bars running vertically. They were in a prison—chained by the neck in a dark, stank room waiting to be bred.