Page 97 of Fallen Daughters

Walking over the threshold, her escort pushed her down to her knees, with much more force than was absolutely needed. She looked up with vengeance coursing through her as she stared at a roomful of men, many she recognized as being the same faces from when she first arrived.

It was Rune who spoke first. “She’s the new one that came in today. I saved her for you. I said she was Decker’s if he wanted her. You can thank me later.” His comment was directed at a man who stood in the center of the room with his arms across his chest. Jessa could see tattoos on his arms, but couldn’t make out what they were. He too wore fatigues, but he actually did appear more soldier-like than the rest of the men. Although rugged in appearance, he did at least seem the have bathed recently. His sandy-blond hair—although disheveled— didn’t nearly have the greasy look as Rune’s did.

But it was Rune who approached her first. A slap across the face, a grip of her hair, Rune had her. She was no different from the rest. A fuck. A girl to take. One to breed with. Rune would have her, just as he had the other women in the camp. Did it make a difference? Was there any difference in the darkness that took her body?

Yes. Rune took. Rune wanted her for one purpose—to fuck, to breed, to spew his power all over her body. But over his shoulder, she watched Decker…he wanted more. She couldn’t quite explain it, but he didn’t just look at her, he seemed to observe her. Though both were dark motherfuckers, Decker seemed to want more. She could see that in his eyes, she could feel it in his stare, and she could almost sense his need to claim her as his own.

“She’s mine. I want her,” Decker declared in a booming voice.

Rune released her hair, took a few steps back, and laughed. “I figured you would.”

Decker walked toward her, a spell of slow motion being cast. One step. Two. His blue eyes turned a darker shade of gray with every step forward. His jaw clenched as if her very presence angered him. Yes, he appeared angry with her. As if she had done something wrong. Why were his eyes turning black, when she remembered so clearly that they once were blue? His face, that although had rigid lines before, now looked so chiseled, he reminded her of stone. He postured himself like a cougar. A cougar stalking for the kill. Dark, forbidding, shadowed in lustful strength. His hunt would end in the claiming of her body whether she agreed or not. He never said a word. Never once said her name. It was all in his eyes. The command. The order to give her body to him or else. There was no choice. There was no asking. Fuck him or be fucked. That was her choice.

“Her name is Fuck you,” Rune added with a laugh, joined in by the rest of the men in the room.

An eyebrow rose on Decker’s face as if this amused him. “Fuck you, heh?” He squatted down before her and reached for her chin. Holding it firmly, he forced Jessa’s face up so she had no choice but to stare into his eyes. “Well, Fuck you, I hope your actions do not match your mouth. You may talk a big game, but I don’t play with scared little girls trying to hide what they really fear. You are afraid—I can smell it on you.” He took a deep breath in to accentuate his point. And with an evil smile, he added, “I can smell your terror.” He reached for her collar and released her from her constraint, tossing the metal to the ground. The weight leaving her body felt like a hundred pounds, and she couldn’t help but feel grateful for the simple gesture of kindness.

He paused, waiting for a response. Possibly waiting for her tears, her pleas for mercy, but she would not give him the pleasure. Jessa would not fuel his evil by feeding his strength with her weakness. She would give him nothing.

Decker moved his face even closer. So close that his lips almost touched hers. “I will tell you this one time, and one time only. You will obey me. You will submit to me. You will fear me every fucking moment you are alive. And you will fuck me. You have no choice in this matter. You have no voice. It is I who decides your fate. Do you understand?”

Jessa gave a small smile before she gathered the saliva in her mouth into a nice little ball of spit and spat it directly into his eye. “Fuck off!”

Decker recoiled and wiped the bubbling white fluid off his face as fury blanketed his entire expression. The demon emerged right before her eyes. Lucifer himself was being born in front of her. Decker had become the devil.