Page 99 of Fallen Daughters

As if the Gods of mercy gave her one last blessing, Decker finally stopped his assault. The fire lashes from his palm were replaced with a deep throbbing now that her ass had time to process the pain. Fire and brimstone was replaced with a deep surge from her bottom all the way to the lips of her pussy. As much as she tried to fight the sensation of animalistic pleasure, the tsunami wave of lust washed over every inch of her sex, leaving her wet and wanting.

Decker leaned forward and whispered in her ear again. “It’s important that you listen and do exactly what I say from this moment on. Your life depends on it.” His voice seemed…softer, the sharp edge of venom erased. Jessa looked over her shoulder and stared into his eyes that were blue once again. Odd.

Maybe she should have listened, heed the man’s warning, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t submit willingly. “Go to hell,” she hissed.

His blue eyes darkened again, and he shook his head, clearly deeply disappointed in her answer. He shoved his index finger into her mouth, almost gagging her with how far he forced it in. “Suck it. Make it nice and wet, because I’m about to put it up your ass. Make it slick, baby, unless you like pain.”

Hoots and hollers once again followed his crass command.

Any sign of softness vanished as he moved his finger around the inside of her mouth, collecting every ounce of moisture she had in it. Jesus, why did her pussy pulsate at the thought of what he was about to do?

“You should have listened to me,” he said under his breath, again just loud enough for her to hear with all the noise around them. “Now I have to fuck you for all to see.”

His spit-covered finger penetrated her ass without any warning.

She cried out as the biting pain sent a jolt of electricity straight to her core. His finger claimed her in the darkest of ways. He thrust it in even deeper, stabbing at whatever shield she had put up. With each pump in and out of his invasive digit, her wall of resistance crumbled.

“Fuck her in the ass,” someone called out.

“Fuck her like an animal,” another screamed.

“No,” Rune’s voice boomed. “Breed the bitch.”

“Yes, she’s mine. I claim her as mine,” Decker declared as he pumped his finger in and out of her ass, causing Jessa to involuntarily moan. She hated herself for doing so, but couldn’t hold back her mews as she gyrated against the edge of the bed. Her clit demanded attention, and she tried her best to meet the need without being so bold and reaching down with her hand—although the thought definitely crossed her mind. What would these bastards care anyway? But then again, she didn’t want them all jacking off to her sexual act.

Decker thrust his finger as deep as he possibly could and leaned toward her ear once more. “I’m going to fuck you. Allow me. Don’t fight me. Trust me when I tell you this. Let go of your pride and just open your legs and allow this.”

He pulled his finger out, and she could hear him pulling his pants down. She knew. She could hear him, sense him, feel his sexual presence without even having to look over her shoulder. He would fuck her…and God help her—she would allow him to.

It wasn’t a scream that escaped her lips when his cock penetrated her wet pussy. It wasn’t a curse, or a demand for him to stop. It was a gasp of delight, followed by a moan of pleasure. Her mind screamed to resist, yet her body demanded her to yield. He was inside her balls deep. She was one with the devil. Evil had merged with her soul, and all light that held on by a thread became conquered by the darkness of Decker’s possession.

Over and over his cock thrust. It didn’t feel like any other fucking of her life. No, this was primal.

Primal fucking. Yes, this was nothing but a primal fucking. In, out, in out. There was a rhythm. There was a cadence. Her body marched in cadence to his possession. His cock conquered her pussy. Simple. There was no way to describe it other than simple. His hard cock entered her wet pussy without any thought. This was normal. Well at least this was normal in his fucking world. Put a cock in a pussy, cum in her deep to ensure it takes hold, and then walk away. Fuck, cum, breed. Simple.

Her pussy stung. It burned from the inside out. It scorched her core. It decimated all that was good left inside. All that was left was fucking evil. All that was left was rape, conquer, demand, hate, and beauty. A dark, awful, alluring beauty. Fucking beauty. That is what there was. Nothing but dark fucking beauty.