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Yes what?

Yes…I’m not sure what

You know what. Call me daddy

I whimper and clutch my phone. Does he really want me to call him that? I think I called him daddy in the street earlier because that’s what he is to me, my sweet, stern man I want to be so very good for.

Yes, daddy

There’s a good girl

I feel my toes curl. I’m not even sure how I get back to the hotel as the next thing I know I’m walking through the lobby on the way to the elevator, pretending to listen to the others talk about that night’s performance. I see Laszlo in his black tuxedo and bowtie just as the elevator doors close. Something dark and lustful flashes in his eyes when he meets my gaze and my stomach swoops in response.

I go back to my room and change into a t-shirt and jeans, and then pace up and down, thumbnail between my teeth. Twenty minutes until half past twelve. Ten minutes. Five. I remember what Hayley said, about me not really knowing what Laszlo’s like, as a man.

I guess I’m about to find out.

I close my door behind me and walk quickly down the hallway. Despite my nerves, I want to laugh. Hayley knew exactly where Laszlo and I would end up.

Laszlo’s in his shirtsleeves when he opens the door and he stands there for a moment, just taking me in. Like I’m something he’s waited a long, long time for. His face is unguarded for a change and I see his desire for me. All of it, and it takes my breath away.

He takes my hand and pulls me into the room, and then his mouth descends on mine. It’s a fierce, hungry kiss and he presses me up against the closed door, desperate for the taste of me. My hands rove over his back as I open my mouth to invite him in, my body knowing what to do even though a man has never kissed me like this. More. Take me over. Overrun my senses until there’s nothing but you.

Laszlo breaks the kiss, still holding me close, his hot breath against my mouth. “I want you over my lap.”

I whimper in his arms. “Are you going to spank me like before?”

He smooths his hands up beneath my t-shirt, large and warm and caressing, and squeezes my nipple through the lace of my bra. His soft touch belies the darkness in his eyes. “Better than before.”

I’ll let you do whatever you want, daddy. Desire and trepidation flicker through me. But I don’t need to be afraid. This is Laszlo. He pulls my t-shirt up and over my head and for a moment he just looks at me, drinking in the sight of what he’s never allowed himself. With a forefinger he traces my collarbone, my throat, and then down to the cleft between my breasts.


For a moment the darkness flickers and he just looks as if he can’t believe this is real. I don’t think I believe it either. I wait, breath held, for the moment to break like a bubble. But he goes on touching me with his large, warm hands, fingers tracing over the lace cup of my bra and circling my nipple. My flesh puckers under his touch and my breath comes back in a gasping rush. It’s real. This is my Laszlo, touching me, at last.

I watch him unbutton my jeans and he slips a hand down to cup my sex with his fingers. A victorious smile curves his mouth as he feels my underwear. I’m soaking wet. I’ve been wet all night, since I got his email, my pulse pounding hard between my legs. I gripped my cello like a lover all through that performance, imagining it was him.

“Do you know how much daddy loves your little cotton briefs?” He rubs his fingers back and forth, stroking my clit through the slick fabric. “Such a sweet little girl, aren’t you?”

I bite my lip and nod, knowing my sweetness is coating his fingers, knowing how much he loves it, reveling in how good this feels. He’s standing so close that I can feel his thickening cock pressing against my thigh.

He goes on, his voice rich and indulgent. “A good, obedient girl who would never disobey daddy.”

Daddy. There’s something so arousing about hearing him call himself that. Oh, yes, I’m a good girl for him. I’ll do anything for him as long as he goes on touching me like that. I need the release of him so badly. His strokes become firmer, right where it feels best, but I need more. I need him to pull my underwear aside and touch my bare pussy. I whimper and nod. “I’ll always be good for you, daddy. Always.”

Please, please let me come and show you how good I can be for you.