Page 56 of The Protege

He turns his attention to his fingers and the sensation he’s rubbing into my clit turns golden. Each circle of his fingers is accompanied by another thrust into my ass and he works me closer to the brink with slow deliberation.

“Your pussy is dripping for me you love this so much.” His voice has that melted chocolate quality again, as if he’s savoring every second of this.

I’m high on sensation and gratitude and I come like a wave crashing into shore, feeling myself clench rhythmically round his fingers as he thrusts short and fast into my ass, firm and unrelenting. I didn’t even know I could clench there. He makes a sound deep in his chest as he feels it, a hard groan of satisfaction, as if he’s enjoying this as much as I am.

I lay gasping like a fish in the aftermath, my heartbeat thundering in my ears, and I know that nothing is ever going to be the same again.

“Well, aren’t you just fucking perfect? But I always knew you were, babygirl.” Laszlo withdraws his fingers and wipes them clean on a t-shirt, and then pulls me up so I’m sitting astride his lap. His eyes run over my flushed face. “You’re so fucking beautiful. Did you like that, sweet girl?”

But I can’t say anything. I can only stare at him and feel the after-effects of the things he’s said to me churning through my body. He unties me and I press my hands against his chest. Like it? I feel like he burned right through my soul and woke up parts of me that I never knew were slumbering.

I swallow and manage in a whisper, “I understand now.” He’s everywhere, thrumming through my consciousness, but he doesn’t make me feel imprisoned or afraid. I feel alive and hopeful. Strong.

Laszlo’s eyes run over my face. “I know you do, babygirl. Something in me matches something in you. When I hold you in my arms I feel everything that you are, and this is how I cherish you. You make me feel free.”


“Yes. Free.” He’s still clothed and I explore his body with my fingers, rubbing my hands up his chest, his strong shoulders. It’s heady, being allowed to touch Laszlo, and I want my fill of him.

He looks at me with his clear hazel eyes. “Being a conductor is all about power and command and I have to rein myself in all the time from going on a massive power trip. I don’t like to rein myself in with you. I want to push you down onto your knees before me. I want to say the filthiest things to you. Tell you that you’re my little slut. Make you be my little slut. Make you feel more vulnerable than you’ve ever been in your life. Strip you bare until there’s nothing left for you but me and the power I have over you. But all that can be very overwhelming and you may not like it. I wanted to give you a taste so you know how it feels. I will rein myself in as much as you need me to because as much as I like this, I like you much, much more.”

I squeeze my knees around him even tighter, rocking against him and clasping my arms around his neck. I’ve seen what Laszlo’s capable of when he’s working. He can make a hundred people produce the exact sound that he’s looking for and they enjoy doing it for him. He exerts total control but in such a way that makes people thankful.

I want to be pushed down by him. Be overwhelmed by him. And I will say thank you every time. “Please don’t rein yourself in, daddy. I want you like this. I want all of you.”

But he shakes his head. “Don’t answer now. Later, when you’re not so defenseless. Just listen to me and remember what I’m saying. The way I want to talk to you is crass and unpleasant. My sweet fucking Isabeau. Daddy’s little slut.” He takes hold of both my nipples and begins to twist them, firmly but slowly, his voice a low, harsh growl. I whimper, my gaze locked on his. “I want to drive you deep into subspace and keep you there while I fuck you, hurt you, choke you, make you come again and again and then bring you back out again and see you smiling and happy, holding onto me so tightly like you can’t ever let go. It’s a difficult and challenging thing for me to do to you but that’s why I like it. I like difficult. I want that if you want it, too. If you trust me to do that to you, over and over, and keep you safe. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think I could keep you one hundred per cent safe because it can go very, very wrong. I didn’t mean to put you into that space in the street and I will be much more careful now that I know I can. I don’t want to make you feel vulnerable where you don’t feel safe. It’s something just for us, baby. Just you and me.”