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I might be defenseless right now, but even through my orgasm haze I know one thing for certain. “I want that, too, daddy. I’ve only ever wanted you and me.”

Laszlo looks even more vulnerable than I feel all of a sudden. As if everything he’s ever tried to hide from me has been stripped away. “It’s always been you and me, babygirl, one way or another. Even when we were apart my heart has always been with you.”

I close my eyes and press my forehead against his, tears shimmering in my eyes. I feel like my heart will burst from all this happiness. I want to go back in time to the girl crying her heart out in Hayley’s flat and tell her it will be all right in the end. That though the pain is terrible it will be worth it.

“Does what we do make you feel different, too?” I whisper against his mouth. “Is there dom space?”

Slowly, he nods. “I thought I was used to it, but…” His arms come around me tightly and he breathes hard. “I never want to lose you again, Isabeau. No matter what we become to each other. It will kill me if I lose you.”

I press my lips against his mouth. He might be satisfied with friendship but I can’t be. I need this. I need Laszlo. “I’m yours. I only want to be your Isabeau, your slutty little girl and all the other tender, filthy things you want to call me.”

“Shh, baby. Not now.” There’s delight burning brightly in his eyes, even though he tries to hide it from me.

I put my head down on his shoulder and close my eyes, feeling my body rise and fall on his chest as he breathes. My mind drifts in a warm, gentle place. When I feel him start to hum I smile, because I know it means he’s happy.

His fingers trail through my hair. “Who was he?”

I open my eyes and look up. “Who was what?”

“The man you went to bed with.”

I try to detect jealousy in his voice but he just sounds curious. “How do you know it was just one?”

“The way you touch me. It hasn’t really changed since that night you were eighteen.”

I make a face, embarrassed. “Am I rubbish?”

“No. You’re incredibly sweet and tentative. Incredibly horny, too. It’s wonderful.”

I giggle, scratching his nails through his beard, because I am so very needy for him. “He was just someone in my second year. I regret it.”

Laszlo looks pained, as if he hates the idea of me regretting anything, and I go on quickly, “It was impersonal and unpleasant and I did it for all the wrong reasons. I was lonely. I missed you.”

He presses his forehead against mine and cups the back of my neck, a rueful twist to his lips. “I’m sorry, baby. For all those long years apart.”

But we needed this time apart, to figure out what we truly wanted. I tilt my head and kiss him, still unable to believe I can do this whenever I want. That it won’t make him angry. I reach down and stroke my fingers along the shaft of his erection through his trousers, hard and hot and thick. I’m fascinated by him. He watches the path of my fingers, his breath hitching.

I hesitate, and then look up at him and whisper, “I want to rub myself against you like I did that night. You felt so good, daddy. Can I, please?”

Chapter Twenty



“Oh, Christ. Yes baby,” I groan. My hands slide around her hips and I pull her sex tightly against me. She wraps her arms around my neck and begins to rub back and forth, back and forth, and I drink in the sight of her naked body as she moves against me. The gentle curve of her waist. The pale buds of her nipples. The redness of her bitten lower lip. She’s so beautiful, but it’s not that which is entrancing me.

It’s that she’s mine.

She wants me how I want her. I could feel it in the way her body responded to my voice, could hear it in her plaintive, Yes daddies she cried as I finger-fucked her ass. My beautiful Isabeau wants to submit to me, please me, be good for me. When I kiss her deeply she sucks the tip of my tongue, making me groan. Her fingers stroke through my beard and I remember how good this felt the first time. How good it feels to give into it completely now. To slide my fingers around the curve of her ass and squeeze tightly. Possessively. Mine. I’ve waited so fucking long for this.

“Do you like that, daddy?” she pants against my mouth, a pink blush over her cheeks. She’s still shy and uncertain and oh so fucking sweet, and I nod and let out a moan as she rubs her bare slit along the length of my cock. I can admit it now. Yes, I like that. It’s more than good. It’s magical, watching her show me how turned on she is.