His face was contorted in lustful frenzy. I watched his muscles strain and bulge as he drove himself into me, his hand on my left thigh, pulling my body into his, his eyes focused like they were hypnotized on my breasts jostling and jiggling with each thrust as he slap, slap, slapped against me. A whole new barrage of sensations washed through me with this new position, his cock angled against my g-spot for one two three four five thrusts, then plunging deep inside me again.

He looked from my breasts up into my eyes, and it was like he awakened out of the dream. He smiled the faintest bit, winked at me, then bent over my body and kissed me.

I kissed him back, or tried to, our lips sliding wetly over each other as he kept thrusting deep and fast inside me, jostling my entire body, moving me up, then down as that thick pressure slammed into me again, filling me up, taking me higher and higher through a fog of pleasure that wouldn’t let me think anything but Don’t stop don’t stop DON’T STOP!

Then he was manhandling me again, his powerful arms grabbing my legs and rotating me again on his cock, never coming out of me, so that I would up with my thighs against his muscled belly and my heels against his shoulders. Three seconds to reposition me, and then once I was in place, slap slap slap! he was driving into me again, his cock filling me up, and I had to close my eyes, it felt so good, my ass against his hips, my legs against his muscular torso, him holding onto my thighs as he drove himself into me.

I was vaguely aware that I was moaning “Unh unh unh unh” with each thrust inside me, and then suddenly he was moving me again – leaning his body between my legs, his chest hovering over me as he forced his hands between my back and the bed and scooping me up. All the time, I remained on his cock, that thick delicious pressure never waning as pulled me into the air. Then my legs were around his waist, me finally looking him in the eyes as his rough hands clutched my ass. He backed me up against the wall, his cock driving into me, deeper, thicker, longer, harder, and he kissed me like an animal, full of want and blind desire, biting my lip as he fucked me sooooo good.

After a few minutes of fucking me against the wall he stepped slightly backwards, and one hand left my ass and supported my spine. I could tell he wanted me to lean back, and as I did, his head came down, and his lips found one of my nipples as my breasts bobbed up and down as he thrust inside me. He began to suck, hard and ravenous and wet and hot as he fucked me, his other hand clutching my ass, his fingertips pressing into the skin between my pussy and my asshole, a delicious pressure. I felt the thick base of his cock driving in and out of my lips and the tips of his finger pressing deeper and harder between my legs, increasing the friction of my pussy around that thickness inside me. I was building and building, the wave coming faster and faster and higher and higher as he sucked me and fucked me and fondled me and clutched at me. Suddenly I was screaming at the top of my lungs as an orgasm tore through my body, doubling and tripling, too much, too intense, as his cock thrust in and out of me relentlessly, every thrust hitting every one of my contractions and making it that much more powerful, that much more all-consuming. All I could do was scream, the only release valve I had, the only way I had to deal with the blinding ecstasy, and then he was bellowing, an animal in heat. I felt his cock explode inside me, expanding, throbbing, pulsing. He staggered over to the bed and collapsed on top of me, both of our bodies bouncing on the mattress as he buried his face in my hair and roared like someone had shot him.

I just lay there gasping for breath, my fingernails clutching his sweaty back, and felt my own contractions die away as I felt his cock deep inside me slowly pulse… once more… and then cease.

“…oh… my… GOD…” I whispered into the darkness.

He chuckled, then finally raised his head to look at me. His hair was damp with sweat, and the crazed insanity of his expression during sex (sex? That wasn’t ‘sex’ – that was fucking like animals) had given way to a blissed-out expression of peace and contentment.

He had never looked more beautiful to me.

“Just so you know…” I said, then paused.


“…we are SO doing that again.”

He laughed, then kissed me, his lips tasting of salt and sex and joy.


I awoke the next morning in Derek’s arms. I squinted blearily at the alarm clock by the bed.


A pure jolt of adrenalin shot through my veins.

“Oh my God, get up, get up!” I shouted, shaking him roughly awake.

“Wha– wha’s wrong?” he asked groggily.

I hit the floor running, collecting my clothes and throwing his at him as he continued to loll on the bed. “It’s almost check-out time! We’ve got to go!”

He just lay there, looking at me like I was the strangest thing he had ever seen.

“Get up!” I said, hastily pulling on my panties.

“You did not just wake me up for that,” he said, his expression somewhere between amused and pissed.

“They’re going to charge us for an extra day if we’re not out of here by 11!”

“Kaitlyn,” he said in a tone of voice he probably reserved for small children and older folks missing a few marbles. “I’m a rock star. And a millionaire. The fuck do I care if they charge us another couple hundred bucks?”

I was used to looking for pennies and dimes in my kitchen drawer to buy Ramen noodles for dinner.

But when he put it that way…

“I… um…”

“Come here,” he said, grinning, and held out his hand.

I walked over to him, feeling just the tiniest bit stupid.

He pulled me down onto him roughly. I shrieked a little, surprised and happy.

“Now,” he growled as he pulled at my panties, “how ‘bout we get these off you?”

We wound up sweaty and wrapped in the sheets on the floor.

Waaaaaaay past check-out time.


After a long, hot shower (and paying an extra $145.57 for missing checkout time), we left the hotel. I was feeling a little self-conscious without any makeup on – but since everything was back in my purse on the tour bus (along with my phone, and wallet, and computer, and just about my entire life), there was nothing to be done about it.

Derek noticed, though. “Why are you acting all weird?”

“Because I look terrible!”

“You look hot.”

“Liar – ”

But then he grabbed me right there in front of the hotel and planted an enormous kiss on me that made me weak in the knees.

I didn’t mind the ‘no makeup’ thing so much after that.

On Derek’s insistence (and because my grumbling stomach didn’t put up much of a fight), we walked to the nearest diner and slid side-by-side into a booth.

Before we’d even ordered breakfast, though, I started to get my first real inkling of just how famous Derek was.

For one, the thirty-something waitress freaked out when she realized who she was serving, and asked if she could get a picture with him. He graciously complied.

Then I noticed at least four other nearby customers taking pictures of him with their smart phones.

I expected it in settings like a rock concert. I mean, after all, thousands of people had paid to come see him. Of course they were going to lose their minds if he walked by (or jumped in their convertible, as we’d done last night).

And fancy hotels with paparazzi camped outside? Same general principle.

But now we were back in the real world, and people were still losing their minds.

“Doesn’t that bother you?” I asked.


“The constant…”

I was about to say attention, and then I remembered who I was talking to.

He thrived on attention.

So I changed it a little.

“…feeling that you’re on display in a zoo, and everybody’s looking at you.”

He laughed. “That’s very Slaughterhouse-Five of you.”

For those who don’t know, Slaughterhouse-Five is probably the most famous book by Kurt Vonnegut. Although it’s an anti-war story about the firebombing of Dresden during World War II, it’s also a science fiction novel. Among other insane plot points, the main character and a woman he’s never met get abducted by aliens and put in a zoo on the aliens’ home planet, where the extraterrestrials watch them exactly like humans would watch a pair of chimpanzees in a cage here on Earth.

And, yeah, I did have Slaughterhouse-Five in mind when I said it.

Figures that Mr. ‘I’m a rock dude but I know the collected works of Chaucer’ would call me out on a Kurt Vonnegut allusion.

“Aren’t you so smart,” I said.

“Don’t they call that plagiarism?”

“Allusions aren’t plagiarism, jackass.”

He laughed. “Touchy, touchy.”

“I’ll show you touchy,” and I launched into a tickle-attack.

He turned it right back on me, though, and had me almost crying with laughter in seconds.

“Okay, okay, cut it out, you win,” I gasped.

“You know, tickling led to something else last night,” he purred in my ear.

“Yeah, not gonna happen,” I said, smacking his roaming hands.

“We could really get all Slaughterhouse-Five,” he teased me.

By the way, in that alien zoo? The two characters were naked. And though they started out strangers, they eventually ended up having sex. And since they were always on display, they basically had to have sex in front of an audience.

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