“…are you… are you going to come?” I whispered, and then closed my eyes as another gentle wave of pleasure rolled out from my legs into the rest of my body.

“…I’m not… sure I can…” he whispered back.

My eyes snapped open. Suddenly I felt very insecure.

“…are you not enjoying it…?”

“Oh, I’m enjoying it, alright.” He grinned, and I was immediately reassured. “More than you’d fucking believe.”

Then he got a concerned look on his face. “Do you want me to come?”

Another wave of gentle pleasure unspooled inside me, and my eyes rolled back inside my head. “…no… not yet…”

“…do you want me to do anything…?”

“…just keep doing… whatever it is that you’re doing…”

“…I want to try something…”

“…okay…” I whispered. “…as long as you keep doing this to me…”

My eyes were closed, but I could ‘see’ the grin on his face as clear as day, just from the sound of his voice. “Oh, believe me… I will.”

He pulled out of me, and I whimpered a little as all the pleasure suddenly disappeared. I wanted to cry out, You’re supposed to keep doing what you were doing! but I didn’t want to sound pushy and controlling.

I didn’t need to worry. He went right back to doing it even better.

He flipped me over on my stomach and entered me from behind, just as slow as before, just as big and thick and long as before. But now there were new sensations inside me… new places he was touching… new pressures… new pleasures. The weight of his body on my back… the feeling of his body pushing sensually against my ass… and still he went as slow as before, sliding in and out, his thick, lovely cock filling me up, touching every spot I could ever want, stroking me deep, deep inside.

It only took a couple of minutes for me to build back to where I had been when he slipped out, and suddenly I was coming again, moaning into the bedsheets as I felt him rock back and forth… slowly withdraw, then fill me again… thickness and wetness and deep, deep caresses.

He stayed like that for a few more minutes – a couple more gentle orgasms on my part – and then he would pull out and rearrange me. We flowed like that, our lovemaking hypnotic, a trance I was in, interrupted only when he would pull out of me. But then it would start again as soon as I felt his stiff, swollen shaft softly enter my lips. He took me in a half dozen different positions: on my side and facing him, with one leg up over his pelvis and ass; him kneeling on the bed, with me sitting on his lap, my legs wrapped around his hips; him lying on the bed, with me sitting astride him; and then me lying fully on top of him, my legs stretching out on top of his, as he used his powerful hands to force me a few inches up and a few inches down as his pelvis slowly moved his cock inside me.

I think my favorite was me on top, because then I could control the angle, the pressure, and as the little waves built into bigger ones, I could use his cock exactly the way I wanted it, stroking myself with it, pressing it against me, going as deep as I could bear, but still slow as always, with one orgasm slowly unfolding into another.

I don’t know how many I had; I lost count after the tenth. Like I said, they weren’t the normal orgasms I was used to, but a kind of plateau I hit, different levels of pleasure and contractions that ebbed and flowed, in and out.

I also had no idea how long we made love. An hour? Two hours? Maybe only 45 minutes? I don’t know. Time was meaningless. There was only Now, and only pleasure, and only each other’s bodies, and that was all I knew, and all I wanted to know.

But as time went by, I noticed the sensations lessening, and that the trance was waning. I think I was still stoned, but it was quickly wearing off. Not that I minded – as much fun as twenty miniature orgasms were, I was approaching the point of exhaustion. My muscles were starting to flutter and twitch and ache.

“Oh Jesus,” Derek whispered. He was back on top of me in missionary, the way we had started, and his thrusts were quickening.

My eyes snapped open at the sound of alarm in his voice. “What?”

“I think I’m going to come…”

I laughed. “Oh my God, you scared me for a second…”

“No, seriously, I’m going to come – Kaitlyn, I’m going to come – ”

“Why are you so freaked out? Come for me, baby – ”

“But I don’t have a condom on – ”


I hadn’t told him to put one.

I’d been so stoned I hadn’t thought about it –

…which I guess was his excuse, too.

No wonder it had felt amazing. And that he’d managed to stay hard the entire time.

“Pull out – ” I started to say, panicked, but he was already ahead of me.

His cock slid out of me, then thrust upwards between my soaked lips, slipping across my swollen clit. I hadn’t been expecting the burst of sensation, and suddenly I was screaming as my own body spiraled into one crazy, final contraction as his wet, thick cock pumped over and over against my clit –

“FUCK!” he screamed into my hair at the same exact second I came, too, screaming his name.

His cock exploded, spasming violently as he pumped and thrust, and I felt hot liquid shoot across my belly and up onto my breasts.

I didn’t care; I was beyond caring.

This one wasn’t a gentle orgasm.

“DEREK – OH FUCK – DEREK – ” I screamed as I raked my fingers down his back.

He bellowed and kept thrusting, wet and hard and rigid between my lips, and then he gradually slowed as his cum trickled slowly from my belly down my side. I lay there gasping, my whole body shuddering, as he collapsed in my arms.

After a few seconds of silence, he whispered into my ear, “Ho-leeeee shit.”

I just started laughing, and then we were kissing, coming down from the heights of drug-fueled insanity and back to reality.

I never, ever intend to take any form of psychedelic drugs again. The first hour was great, but the next three were torture.

At least the last couple were pretty damn amazing.


When I awoke the next morning, I wondered if maybe my brain was broken.

All my thoughts were fuzzy and disjointed. My head throbbed. Things seemed slightly unreal and hyper-real at the same time.

Hangover time, mushroom style.

Derek was still asleep, lying naked in the sheets.

Mmmm… nice view. But I felt so messed up that I couldn’t properly enjoy it.

I got up and took a shower, trying to will the hot water to wash away my blahs.

No such luck.

I remembered having sex without the condom, and freaked out a little bit. I was on birth control, so there was no chance that I was pregnant – but I was a little worried about other things.

I thought back to what he had told me:

I get tested now, once a month. And I’m totally clean, by the way.

I hoped we were on Day 3 of the month rather than Day 29.

Fuck it… there’s nothing you can do now, so quit worrying about it.

I got dressed and threw on a little makeup, then went back to the bedroom.

Derek looked up sleepily from the tousled sheets. “Hey.”

“Hey, you,” I said, and gave him a kiss. “I’m going to go next door and get some breakfast with Killian and Ryan.”

“Mmmm… okay…” he murmured, and settled back into dreamland.

Outside the guys’ cabin, I could hear Killian plinking on the unplugged electric guitar – and the tunes were once again melodic and pretty. No more horror movie soundtrack.

I knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

I entered to find Ryan sitting down, fully dressed, at the small kitchen table. The box of banana nut muffins we’d bought the previous day was open in front of him, with a couple missing.

“Morning,” he said. “Sleep well?”

“Yeah… although I didn’t wake up so well…”

Killian was slumped in a faded, overstuffed chair, wearing exactly what he had been the night before. His guitar was in his lap, and a doobie hung between his lips.

“Oh my gosh, did you even sleep?” I asked him as I sat down.

“Of course I did, luv.”

“Otherwise I would have gone and slept out in the desert,” Ryan said.

“You could have come over to our cabin,” I said, biting into one of the muffins.

Ryan didn’t say anything.

Neither did Killian.

They just sort of exchanged a little glance.

“What?” I asked.

And then I remembered exactly what I’d been up to last night.

And for how long.

My face went beet-red in two seconds.

“I think I’m going to go now and crawl into a hole somewhere and die of embarrassment,” I muttered as I stood back up.

“Sit dowwwwn,” Ryan grinned as he caught my arm and pulled me back to my seat.

“Oh my God… oh my God…” I whimpered, and buried my face in my hands.

“You’re lucky about one thing,” Killian said.

“What’s that?” I asked, my face still in my hands.

“It’s a good thing Riley wasn’t here, or you’d never hear the end of it.”

“She probably would have tried to break into your cabin,” Ryan said, stifling a laugh.

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