I was wearing panties, no shorts or pajama bottoms… so it was all bare skin that he touched.

Holy shit.

His finger, normally so rough, just barely grazed my skin – soft and sensual and gentle. His fingertip brushed against the cloth of my underwear, and I could feel the whisper of pressure through the fabric, caressing me down there, tickling the ridge of my lips.

I was starting to get wet.


I reached back without looking at him, grabbed his hand, and threw it off my body again.

Then I lay there for another thirty seconds, half hoping he would do it again – and angry at myself for wanting him to.

Just when I thought he had given up, I felt something else tickle my thigh.

Something satiny soft on the surface, but hard beneath, and blood-hot.

Hint: it wasn’t a finger.

I sucked in my breath as I felt his cock nestle against my thighs, hot and hard and alive. As soon as his skin touched mine, it must have excited him more, because I felt his cock strain and press against me even harder, then slowly the pressure faded away until it was just this warm, hard, long, thick pressure pulsing next to my skin.

It was hard to concentrate on how angry I was with that going on.

Then he slowly, sloooowly slid my t-shirt up, the cloth tickling as it whispered over my skin, until my waist was exposed. He began to trace his finger over my skin, making long, soft, slow patterns down my lower back… then back up and around to my stomach, where his fingertip just barely brushed against me.

Combine that slow, sensual pleasure with the heavy, hot throbbing of his cock resting against the back of my legs… and I wasn’t exactly able to think straight.

His hand inched beneath my t-shirt, slowly moving across my ribcage, until it was blocked by my arm.

I thought about clamping down and not letting him go any further…

…but I wanted him to go further.

So I shifted my arm out in front of me.

I didn’t say a word, but I might as well have shouted, Go ahead.

His fingers paused, then continued their way beneath my shirt until they found the swell of my right breast. He slowly brushed the underside, his rough fingertips so gentle… and then softly slid up over the front, and found my nipple.

As soon as he did, I felt his cock harden and strain against the back of my thighs, which turned me on even more.

He began to touch my nipple softly, slowly, making it harder with every circle of his fingertip. My nipple ached, I was so turned on.

And then I felt his thumb and forefinger gently take the tip between them, and just barely squeeze.

At the same time, he must have shifted his hips, because I felt the hot, soft, swollen head of his cock press up against my underwear, almost parting my lips beneath the fabric.

I wanted to moan, I wanted him inside me so badly.

But I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.

Suddenly I felt my hair pull away from my neck, followed by his hot breath tickling across my skin. I tensed, waiting for what I wanted so badly – and then I felt his lips touch the nape of my neck, soft little kisses sending shivers of pleasure up and down my back. The scruff of his early morning whiskers prickled against my skin in a delicious contrast to his soft, warm lips.

He moved up my neck, kissing, occasionally licking until he reached my ear, and I could hear his breath like a sigh, so soft and quiet, but GOD it was hot. He began to slowly kiss the edge of my ear, moving down to my earlobe, the tip of his warm tongue dancing over my skin, followed by another kiss.

All the while he was still playing with my chest, his large, strong hand having moved to my other nipple, caressing, circling, cupping my breast in the palm of his hand.

AND his cock was pressing harder between my legs – the gorgeous length against my skin, the swollen girth of him forcing its way between my thighs, his large, thick head teasing and pushing and straining against my underwear, actually forcing himself just a few millimeters inside my pussy but still behind the fabric, like a wild animal pressing against a hanging cloth, letting you know at any moment it could force its way inside, but choosing not to.

I was furious with him –

And I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life.

I hated him –

And I wanted him inside me so badly I thought I might die if I didn’t get it.

As he continued to kiss my ear, his hand withdrew from under my shirt… glided down my front… circled around to my ass… and slowly pressed between my thighs, raising my leg.

I let him do it.

My right foot stayed on the bed, so that my right leg bent at the knee and formed a triangle.

Which meant there was plenty of room for him between my legs to do whatever he wanted.

Apparently what he wanted to do first was touch me, because his fingers brushed against my underwear, slowly massaging my lips, tickling me through the soaked cloth.

I moaned as he slid one finger under my panties and began to glide across my soaked skin, massaging me, teasing me, pleasing me, making me shiver and quake.

Then his finger slowly slid the bottom of my panties aside.

He was going to enter me from behind, without even taking off my underwear.

For some reason, I found that incredibly fucking hot.

I felt the soft, satiny tip of his head press against my wet lips –

“Condom,” I managed to choke out from my haze of desire.

He groaned playfully, and I felt his hand and cock withdraw. The bed vibrated, like he was stretching his body across it – and then I heard the telltale crinkling of the paper as it tore. Fifteen seconds later I felt the wet, lubed surface press back into place – not as hot as his bare skin, but at least I felt safe enough to keep going.

His body pressed against mine, and I felt the hard ridges of his muscles against my back. His chest, his abs, his entire body.


Still… there was part of me that just wouldn’t let go.

“I’m still mad at you,” I whispered angrily.

“I know,” he chuckled in my ear… and then he slid inside me.


Jesus it was good.

I was so turned on that I felt swollen down there… but I was soaked. Dripping.

He felt bigger than I’d ever felt him before. Thicker. Just the sheer size of him pressed firmly up against the inside of me… but with the lube from the condom, and my own juices, he slid inside easily, all the way.

I groaned with pleasure as he rocked back and forth, his entire length slowly easing up inside me, filling me completely.

His hand reached around to my breasts again – but this time he was more forceful.


He clutched at my left boob, his fingertips pinching my nipple harder than before, and he growled in my ear, low and feral and full of desire.

I felt his hips draw back from my ass, and his cock slid almost all the way out of me – just his head teasing me, threatening to slip out – and then his cock plunged back inside and his hips pressed firmly against my ass.

He slid his left arm underneath me so that I was lying on my side, wrapped in his arms. He hiked up my t-shirt above my breasts, and I lifted my arms so he could pull it all the way off me – but he didn’t. He left the t-shirt in place, but with my boobs exposed, and suddenly he was manhandling me, his massive hands pawing at my breasts, fondling me, cupping me, clutching me as his hips rocked back and forth, the hard muscles of his lower abs slapping my ass, driving his cock deep inside me, all the while kissing my ear, growling, groaning, and making me hotter and wetter.

I guess it was kind of trashy to be fucking with my underwear and t-shirt on, but I didn’t care – I loved it. All I gave a damn about was how incredibly turned on I was, how big and thick he felt inside me, how strong his hands felt as they pressed against my breasts, how hard his body was slapping against my ass, and how good he was fucking me.

I was dimly aware that I was making little high-pitched “Unh – unh – unh” noises, but I was beyond caring. I think it was because of the angle he was at, entering me from behind. With every thrust, the head of his cock was hitting my spot, my G-spot, some damn spot that felt so good and liquid-hot and amazing that I just kept getting higher and higher, and wetter and wetter, and louder and louder.

Suddenly he rolled onto his back and carried me along with him. I was no longer on my left side anymore, but lying on my back on top of his firm, muscled body as he clutched at my breasts and pinched my nipples and growled in my ear and kept fucking me like a beast, his cock filling me up and pounding away hard and thick and amazing as it stroked again and again over that amazing spot, my ecstasy getting higher and higher, and a pressure building inside me, kind of feeling like I had to pee a little, then a little more, a little more urgent, but I didn’t want to stop, I didn’t want to quit, because I was getting so close, I was getting so close to coming, I was right there, oh God I was going over, I was coming as he continued to thrust and rock and slam up inside me, rubbing over my spot –

And suddenly I lost all control, and I felt this kind of goosh as I came, and as I was screaming and my whole body was racked with waves of pleasure, I felt this panic as a little voice whispered in my head, Holy shit, did I just pee myself?

Then I realized that, no, it wasn’t pee.

I’d heard about it happening to other women, but I had never, ever thought it would happen to me.

It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to freak me out.

The little voice went into overdrive – though it was trying to reassure me: You still have your underwear on – sort of! It’s okay, it’s fine, it wasn’t much! He probably won’t even notice!

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