His low voice sent heat flaring through her core. Jessica blinked back confusion. “Brent… I don’t understand.”

Wait, wasn’t I just talking to Ashley? Wasn’t I sleeping?

He stood, and the sheet fell from his hips. She’d been wrong about the no underwear, but the tight, navy boxer-briefs he wore left very little to the imagination. They hugged his tight ass like the second skin they were. Now, the heat was swirling up from her core and through her belly. The sensitive bundle of nerves at the apex of her thighs was throbbing.

Not now.

It didn’t freaking matter what her clit wanted, was trying to tell her. Somehow, she’d wandered into her boss’ bedroom, and he was there, before her, offering things she was only beginning to want. It was batshit insane; that’s what it was.

“I think I have to go back. I can’t… Brent, we can’t do this.”

The words coming out of her mouth were the right ones. They were the things she’d always said before, as a good girl, but somehow right now she didn’t mean them at all. The moonlight filtering through the window left a trail of silvery light to play over the lines and planes of Brent’s abs. Even for his age, somewhere in his mid-forties, he was in amazing shape. He had to have an eight-pack at least. Her mouth watered at the glistening washboard before her. Some deeply buried, more Ashley-like part of her brain, desperately wanted to lick them.

She shook her head and tried to get a hold of herself. It was pointless. However this had happened, she was here now, and Jessica couldn’t fight her desire, couldn’t battle the lust bubbling over inside of her. Despite logic, she stepped forward and into his embrace. Again, her nose was teased with that strong hint of cinnamon and cloves, and his skin was warm and flush against her palms. Leaning down, Brent placed a kiss on her lips, his tongue plunging into her mouth and twisting with her own. She mewled and pressed her body against his.

Already, she could feel the thickness of his cock springing up to eagerly press against her hips.

Brent broke the kiss and gasped. “So wonderfully ready and eager, aren’t you?”


She was crazy. Jessica must have officially snapped because she was going through with this – whatever this was – without a care in the world. Nope. Instead, she was leaning into all of this and embracing her lust with a certainty she never would have before. Icy blue eyes regarded hers, and she could have stayed locked in that gaze forever. Would have done anything to stay near him.

He ran his hand down the side of her hip and then squeezed her knee. Only then did Jessica realize she was wearing an ebony skirt that skimmed her knees. Where did the rest of the day even go? Brent pressed his fingers to her knees and then ran them over her thighs. His breath was deep and husky as he spoke. No, as he commanded her.

“Spread your knees for me, please.”

Like being caught in a spell, she couldn’t fight anything, couldn’t fight the siren call of the man before her. Yielding easily, she spread her legs and hissed at the way his fingers tickled over the curves of her thighs, the promise of his strong digits caressing her body. Then, Brent reached the soft folds of her vagina, and she licked her lips as she anticipated the sweetness of his caress. Jessica had never had a steady boyfriend. She’d been so shy in high school and, with her focus on doing well in pretty strenuous zoology and biology courses at college, she saw more of the library than anything else. This was all a first for her. Strong fingers stroked her labia, and she shuddered. Reaching up, she grabbed Brent’s shoulders tighter, even as she wrapped one leg around his hips in an effort to give him more leverage.

One, strong finger slipped into her core, stroking the deep recesses of her channel. Then, a second joined it. Jessica mewled – let out a little sound that surprised her, made her sound like a cat on the prowl – but at the same time, it also made her feel strong. Seductive. Like the woman she’d never been before. Brent continued with his ministrations, slipping in and out of her with speed and delicious friction that propelled the heat from her core and belly to the rest of her body in a forceful rush. Then, his thumb pressed tightly against her clit, and the heat raged over all of her nerves, erupting into an inferno of lust and need.

Jessica closed her eyes and let her head roll back on her shoulders. She was lost then, in a haze of sensation: the sharp scent of cinnamon and cloves, the pressure of his thick fingers filling her channel, and the flames licking and lapping over her skin. She could have stayed locked in this embrace forever, bobbing in a sea of heady sensations. But she couldn’t hold out from the orgasm forever. With a skillful flick of his wrist, he brushed his knuckles tightly against her clit. The pressure made her bundle of nerves explode into an intense wave of pleasure.

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