He had to be right, had to see something in her that she never had before.

“Thank you,” she said, leaning up and then kissing the dimple in his chin. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

“I mean it. You’re gorgeous. I know we shouldn’t do this, but I’ve spent so long trying to avoid this. I know it’s complicated.”

“Yes,” she gasped out as his hand slid up her thigh and skillful fingers stroked the thin cotton of her panties. “I know, but we have to work it out. I can’t deal with this any longer. I can’t deny it, Brent.”

Her voice was breathy, almost ephemeral. It took every bit of concentration she had to hold onto her sense of self and clarity enough, but even she could tell she sounded nothing like herself, that she was rapidly given into her passion and need.

“Please, Brent, do whatever you want. I don’t want to wait any longer.”

“Me either.”

His right hand trailed over her folds through the fabric of her underwear as he reached up with his left hand and cupped her breast. Leaning down, he trailed sweet kisses over her neck and collarbone, taking time to nip just a bit at the soft skin at the hollow of her throat. “So beautiful,” he murmured when his head came up. “Would you lean up a bit, shimmy your hips for me?”

Blinking and dazed, she angled her body off the limo and through a bit of fumbling, Brent was able to slide her plain white panties off her. He let them drop carelessly to the floor of the limo. His left hand was skillfully kneading her breast as his right found the soft skin of her labia. He caressed the flesh there, a soft tease of just the ghosting presence of his fingers. Jessica inhaled sharply and shivered under his embrace.

One finger slid in between the skin and then found her channel; it was already wet and slick for him. She was ready. Brent slid first one finger in, which filled her deeply, then a second finger joined the first. It was more than enough for her. God, how she’d ever… She just bet he was bigger in other areas. That was all. This felt like more than she ever thought she could handle, like the completion she’d been missing in her life.

Blue eyes, as bright as an Arctic ocean, regarded her. “Are you ready, baby?”

Jessica nodded, and her voice, when she spoke, was barely a whisper: “Yes, please. I want everything you can give me, Brent. Only you.”

His jaw clenched, and she gave way to the sensations building around her, to the thickness buried deep inside of her, the ragged panting of both their breaths, her own perfume and musk mixing with that strong hint of cinnamon and cloves. Her heart was galloping now in her chest, and she felt like someone who must have run a marathon did.

And still, he continued.

In. Out.

In. Out.

His pace increased, and then his thumb pressed against her clit, rolling clockwise against her nerves. Fireworks exploded behind her eyelids, and heat rushed over her body, starting from her core and streaking down her arms and legs. Up to her fingertips and toes. Brent’s pace was racing ever faster. And she could only feel. There was no energy left in her to think, only the thrum of her heart, the harshness of her breath, and the sizzling from her clit. Then Brent pushed hard enough to send her over the edge.

She climaxed.

Her body and nerves going up in an explosion of need, heat, and desire.

It almost felt like she spaced out for a while. Eventually, blinking up at him, she regarded those startling blue eyes with her own. “Wow. I…”

He kissed her lips even as he pulled his hand away and looked for a few napkins and other things to help the cleanup. “‘Wow.’” He winked at her. “I think that just about sums it up.”

Chapter Eight


It wasn’t often that Brent had a spring in his step on a Monday morning, but today, he was practically skipping. On the way to the docks, his thoughts were full of Jessica and only Jessica. They had spent Saturday night talking and kissing and with more than a bit of heavy petting again, focused on her. He knew she was still inexperienced – could tell from her nervousness overall. He wanted to make everything work for her. Wanted to make sure she set the pace. That Sunday, she had spent the day with him as well, flirting and making out, until Cara had come home, and they had reluctantly separated and focused their energies on her.

After Cara had gone to bed, however, the two of them recoupled, having drinks by the pool, until Jessica had given him a wink, shimmied out of her clothes, and decided to go for a little swim.

It had taken everything in him not to push for more, but they’d done so well letting Jessica be in charge. It calmed her, and she hadn’t pulled away from him once. Her wit and beauty were killing him by inches, but he loved every moment of it.

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