A bit like an albatross.

She cared so much about Brent. If they were any other two people in different circumstances, she’d definitely admit she’d fallen in love with him. But they weren’t different. She couldn’t let herself fall, no matter how her heart pounded in his presence. She was still the daughter of his close friend and business partner, and he still had a father who despised her and a little girl who might be hurt by everything coming to light.

It was nothing more than a summer fling.

But tonight said that Brent felt it was anything but.

She sighed and smiled. School was starting back soon, and her blissful summer would end, the love and affection between them would end forever. Jessica might not have Brent for much longer, but she could have tonight.

Brent stood along the far wall of his bedroom – a room that could easily fit her whole damn apartment in it – and unbuttoned his shirt slowly. She bit her lip and felt her belly flush with heat at the sight. Brent was quite the specimen to behold; exercise was his way to combat stress, and he was quite the gym rat before work she’d found. He was definitely one of those annoying morning people. But it had done his body good. As the blue button-up slid from his shoulders, Jessica couldn’t help but intake a sharp breath at the vision before her. Moonlight played over the planes of his body and the ridges of his abs, a tight six-pack that would make any woman desperate for him and most men jealous.

He was gorgeous, and Brent was all hers.

She followed suit, slipping out from her sundress. Knowing they were having an intimate date that night when she’d dressed for dinner, Jessica hadn’t worn underwear. It was a bit of her daring side coming out, the side that had been growing since Brent had come into her life. She was also braless because the dress would never accommodate such a look. She knew that when she’d picked it, knew it would drive Brent wild.

He rumbled low in his throat and smiled. “You’re beautiful, sweetheart, just like I’ve always said.”

She blushed. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

Brent unhooked his belt and then undid his pants. Tonight, he’d matched her for spirit and daring. He’d promised her before that he sometimes went commando, and tonight was no exception. Already strong and thick, his impressive erection was springing free for her. His shaft stood at attention, a mast among a thatch of dark gold curls. Her mouth watered just seeing it.

“But you’re better,” he replied. “I want you.”

She winked, playing into everything. “Of course you do.”

“I had planned this out to be romantic. I always felt bad the first time wasn’t in a setup like this.”

She eyed the dresser and the myriad of honest to God candelabras laid out over it. “I know, and it’s gorgeous.”

“But,” he said, stepping forward and running a finger down her cheek, “seeing you there, I can’t help but want to ravish you right now.”

Jessica laughed, her heart feeling lighter than it had since the gift. “I want to do anything you do. I’ve never wanted anything else. Besides, I’m going to admit that seeing you like this, I can hardly wait.”

“Good. Because I have a few ideas.”

“Show me.” Jessica flipped her long, dark hair behind her back. “Show me anything.”

Brent surged forward and surprised her by picking her up in his arms. She wrapped her legs around him eagerly, already feeling his rod poking up against the round globe of her ass. Her core grew wet with need, and the heat building through her belly flared up her limbs, down to her fingers and toes.

He leaned close, and that amazing scent of cloves and cinnamon tickled her nose. The stubble of his five o’clock shadow scraped enticingly at her chin as he leaned up to whisper in her ear. His voice was like thick honey, something she could get caught and lost in forever. “I want to fuck you up against this wall. Is that something you’d like to try with me, babe?”

Jessica felt so risqué doing this, even though later she knew they’d make quiet love among the layers of soft sheets on the bed. With Brent, everything at least in the bedroom was possible, and she loved learning under his tutelage. Nodding, she looked up at him, her eyes meeting his Arctic blue ones.

“I’ll do anything you want.”

“Don’t say what you don’t mean,” he offered.

“I’ll try up against a wall with you.” Her fingers came to rest on the dolphin of her own accord. She could try anything sexual with him, but somehow she couldn’t risk her heart. It was probably selfish of her, but her body for right now was all she could give. “I trust you.”

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