She needed this.

Needed him.

How she ever thought she’d survive without Brent in her life, Jessica didn’t know. He was everything she’d ever wanted. Everything else would come, but she had her family and the man worshipping her, and a huge part of her soul was complete.

Not fully whole but brimming with love.

Brent stroked her labia, his fingers warm and strong against her flesh. Her clit pulsed, and she couldn’t wait anymore. She craved him. He was like heroin for her, and she wanted another hit.

“Please, baby. I want you.”

His smirk widened. “You can’t hold out any longer, can you, sweetheart?”

She shook her head. “Never. Just need your mouth on me.”

“And what do you want from me?” he said, clearly aiming to make her beg.

She could do that; the power he had over her was all-consuming.

“Please, I want you to…”

“What?” he asked. Brent slid two thick fingers inside her, but it wasn’t nearly the girth of his erection, not enough to get the electricity rushing through her truly sizzling.

“I want you to…” She blushed. “… suck my clit, Brent. Suck it hard.”

He nodded. “Thought you’d never ask.”

Her lover – no, fiancé – dove low, and his mouth was on her sensitive bundle of nerves, sucking at her clit for all it was worth. He’d suckled it close, into his mouth and soon was laving at it with an expert tongue. She shivered and moaned, bucked her hips upwards to him. He started shoving his fingers in and out of her as fast as he could, a frantic rhythm that made her grip his hair and scream a sordid litany above her.

In, out. In, out.

She was lost in the smell of his musk, the satin sheets against her back, and the electricity buzzing through every part of her body, radiating up from her clit. Then, Brent just pressed the tiniest hint of teeth against her clit, oh so carefully and it was over. She came like a woman possessed, as if a dozen bolts of lightning had hit her at once. Jessica closed her eyes and was last to all the sensations, her head spinning.

She blinked awake minutes later (or was it hours?). Time seemed to lose all meaning when she was lost in so much pleasure.

When she looked up, she found that Brent was coming out of the bathroom and wiping his mouth with a towel. Brent grinned like the cat who ate the canary, all his natural swagger and charisma coming to the fore. She loved him for it.

“You’re happy, babe?”

She sighed and snuggled up against his chest as he slid into bed. Jessica let his arms wrap around her and relished the feeling of him, the security of his embrace. “Better. I… Well, I thought guys hated that.”

“I love it – get a bit of my lady’s nectar.”

“Brent!” she said, her eyes wide as she slapped his shoulder.

“I do love it. There’s no point in denying it. You’re sweeter than wine, Jessica. You can’t deny it.”

She nodded and hugged him close. “I’m so lucky to have you, Brent.”

“I’m lucky, too, and tomorrow will be even better.”

“I hope so.”

He looked at her, blue eyes full of determination. “I know so, Jess. Now get some sleep.”

She grinned back and let her hand stray low to find his dick. “Actually, I think I’ve got a lot more energy than I thought.”

Chapter Twenty


“Well,” the doctor said, “I’m happy to see a fuller house this time.”

Jessica nodded to the chairs by the examining table. Cara was sitting on Brent’s lap and already squinting at the ultrasound screen even though the procedure hadn’t started. “I had a long, hard talk, and things are going really well, doc. I mean, not perfect.” She had to stop as she choked up a little, thinking of her father’s anger. “Still, this is my fiancé, Brent Sanderson, and his daughter, Cara.”

The doctor smiled broadly. “Are you excited to be a big sister, Cara?”

“I cannot wait to know what is cooking in there,” she replied. “Can you get the gel on her now?”

“I live to serve,” the doctor replied. She spared a minute to shake Brent’s hand. “Mr. Sanderson, a pleasure to meet you. You’ve donated quite a bit to our organization and some of the antibiotics we rely on today were funded by your foundation. The honor really is all mine.”

“You make sure my twins are in good hands, doc, and we’ll call it even,” Brent said.

The doctor nodded and walked over to Jessica. She hissed as the cool gel touched her stomach. It wasn’t painful in the least, just a little awkward and exceedingly chilly. The doctor was just about to touch the sonogram wand to her body when a knock sounded on the door.