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“Let me just make sure you’re ready, Mouse,” I tell her, my fingers sliding into her wet depths. She’s drenched, even more than she was before and her clit is pulsating against the tips of my fingers. I slide around the rim of her entrance, her juices gathering on my fingers. She’s more than ready for me. I bring my hand back out, her gaze trapped in mine. I let her watch as I bring my fingers to my mouth, sucking her sweet cum from my fingers.

“Oh… wow,” she gasps, her eyes dilating further, and the stunned look on her face, the way her swollen lips break apart in surprise, makes me smile…

I never dreamed I could feel so free having sex, let alone enjoy it to the point that I can’t stop smiling.

“Slide down on my cock, Jessie,” I urge her.

She looks down where our bodies begin to join and I find myself doing the same. Slowly my dick disappears inside of her, inch by inch. I hold onto her hips, making her go slow—not wanting to hurt her.

“Allen… you feel so good,” she whispers, her voice full of wonder. “I feel…”

“Tell me, Jessie,” I moan, my eyes closing at how fucking amazing it is to be inside of her.

She’s so tight, the walls of her pussy holding me perfectly. I wish I didn’t have the condom on. I want to feel my cock surrounded in her wetness, but even through the veil of latex I can feel how hot she is, how slick and soft her pussy is.

“Full… God, I feel so full, Allen,” she whimpers.

I let her lower down until I can feel my cock push against her barrier and then I tighten my hold, not letting her move.

“This is going to hurt, Jessie. There’s nothing I can do to stop that. But you’re in control, sweetheart. You decide if you want me out, or to go deeper. This is all you. We can keep it just like this and I can make you come…”

“But you… I mean… you’re not inside that far.”

“No… and I want to be, Jessie. I won’t lie to you. I want that more than I want to fucking breathe. But I can make it good for you just like this. I don’t have to take your virginity to make you feel good, Mouse,” I tell her, needing her to know that I’m happy just to have this. This with Jessie is more than I ever dreamed I’d have.

She looks at me and it feels as if there are age-old secrets in her eyes.

“I want all of you, Allen,” she answers. Then she shifts her legs so that she is settled completely on my lap. My cock thrusts through her virginity and I sink all the way to my balls inside of her.

And nothing…nothing has ever felt so good.

Chapter 18


I cry out as I feel Allen take my virginity. Once I settle on top of him, I’m afraid to move. I close my eyes and concentrate on the way it feels to have him inside of me—completely inside of me. At first, I can’t catch my breath, but then I feel Allen’s hand moving lovingly over my back. I feel his lips placing gentle kisses on my chest and slowly I open my eyes.

He’s kissing under my breast, sucking the flesh and then moving up to kiss my nipple. I’m lost in watching what he is doing, barely registering the fact that there’s no pain now. I’ve relaxed against him and I’m hypnotized by the way he’s holding my breast and sucking on it.

“You feel so good, Jessie. So fucking good,” he murmurs against my breast. He bites on the nipple once again and it sends a jolt of need through me that seems to center on my clit. I shift restlessly and when I do, I feel his dick move inside of me.

“Oh…” I gasp, moving experimentally to see if I can make it feel that good again.

“You like that, sweetheart?” Allen asks, and I bite my lip as I squeeze his cock inside of me. Then I thrust out gently, almost like I’m riding a horse. The sensations that hit me then make me moan. “It doesn’t hurt now,” Allen claims. I don’t know how he knows, but he’s right. It doesn’t, not even a little. It feels really good.

His hands move back to my hips and he squeezes them.


“Are you okay?”

“I want… more,” I tell him, not knowing what that ‘more’ is, only knowing I need it.

“That’s good, baby. I’m going to give you more,” he groans.

He moves my hips then and I fumble at first, but manage to follow his lead. Soon I don’t need him to lead me, because it feels so good I take over. I move up and down on his cock like he showed me. It’s still not enough, though, even as good as it feels.

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