Dr. Martin turned to Jean-Pierre.

Frowning, Jean-Pierre nodded.

“It was done properly. There won’t be any infection.” I moved my hand away.

Jean-Pierre eyed me. “Kazimir had a doctor look at it?”

“Yes, but the doctor didn’t check anything else.”

Dr. Martin went to Jean-Pierre. “And do you want us to help you with that sprained rib, Jean-Pierre?”

Jean-Pierre frowned at the man. “I’m not the patient right now. Focus on—”

“Yes. He does need the sprained rib looked at.” I patted the empty space next to me on the medical table. “Jean-Pierre will be getting examined as well.”

Surprisingly, Jean-Pierre dragged himself to the table and sat next to me. “This is unnecessary. I already know what’s wrong with me and—”

“I want blood tests done on him too.” I gave Dr. Martin my full attention. “Also, surgery. Equipment. Whatever you need to make sure he’s in top condition.”

Dr. Martin smirked. “I’ve been wanting to do tests on Jean-Pierre, for a long time. He’s a horrible patient.”

Sarcasm dripped from my words. “I’m shocked that you say that.”

Jean-Pierre leaned my way and whispered, “I’m going to take this out on your pussy tonight.”

It took a good two hours for Dr. Martin to examine both of us. By the time we finished, Jean-Pierre and I both came close to falling asleep.

We hit the bedroom, and still there was no peace.

I lay next to him in bed, as Jean-Pierre had to make sure everyone had returned back safely.

His phone rang over and over.

Giorgio had finally gone to Nice to finish healing. We’d meet him down there in less than a week. Louis reported that Kazimir and his mouse, had flown out of Paris with a few men. No other Russians had landed. And there was no sign of the Devil.

Rafael had taken Gwen to her apartment. She’d confirmed it with Louis. Apparently, Rafael had fallen asleep on the couch and she didn’t want to wake him up.

I didn’t think any of us had slept in a while.

My eyes hung heavy, as I listened to Jean-Pierre console, and check on his cousins.

I fought all I could, to not fall asleep and then, finally, I closed my eyes.

Being around Jean-Pierre was pure safety. Comfort. Heaven. I sank in his scent. I didn’t want to eat. I just wanted to close my eyes, lay in his arms, and forget about everything.

As Jean-Pierre gave his cousins orders or talked on the phone, I never moved from his arms. I had to keep his body next to me. I’d missed his touch. His scent. His voice. His taste. I lay on his chest and relished in the beat of his heart. The warmth radiating around him.

I’m finally safe.

Chapter 26

Sex Me


Where am I?

I woke up to Eden sleeping in my arms. I scanned the space, unsure of my reality. Memories of pain and horror had filled my head.

We’re in a hotel.

Outside the suite’s window, the sun had risen and now was lowering for the moon.

How long did we sleep?

A few sun rays had peaked through the long curtains, draping the large windows.

Silence moved in the room.

Wait. Had that all been a nightmare? She really wasn’t kidnapped?

Eden stirred in my arms and turned her head. Her thick curls fanned across my pillow. I inhaled, smiling at the stupid nightmare that had wrecked my heart.

And then, I spotted the large bandage on the side of her face.

No. It wasn’t a nightmare. It was real. All real.

My heart ached.

And what had the Devil done to her face? What was under the bandage? I could only imagine. I’d done a lot to him. There had barely been any bone structure or places to decipher which part was which. They’d said Grigor had a surgeon reconstruct some of it. Still, he wore a mask.

What has that monster done to her?

She trembled in my arms.

Was he in her mind right now, chasing her?

I came close to waking her up, but she settled and went back to steady breathing.

She needs her sleep.

The Devil had thrown my queen in some compartment of a couch, to hide her. She’d been under my penthouse the whole time, trapped with a dead body, for God only knew how many hours.

And I’d chased after Kazimir. It still got her back to me, but I prolonged her pain and torture. What could I have done differently? How can I make sure none of this ever happens again?

Those questions plagued my mind as I watched her sleep.

We must’ve slept all night and most of the day. The whole time we’d been wrapped in each other’s arms. Neither moved much in those hours.

I woke up more and remembered there had been one time, that Eden had to get up to go to the bathroom, I walked her there and waited outside of the door like a hopeless puppy, unable to deal with her too far from me.

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