Still licking her wetness, I squeezed those nipples with my hands.

Her body shook. “Jean-Pierre!”

I shoved my face in that pussy, rubbing the part of my cheek that wasn’t scared, up and down. So hot and hungry, she slipped her pussy against my face, coming close to humping my face.

I lifted up. Part of my face was wet from her. I relished in her fragrance, glad to have her all over me. “I love you.”

Barely catching her breath, she whispered, “I love you too.”

“Your mine.”

“And your mine too, Jean-Pierre.” Love radiated from her. “That’s why I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“I won’t. And you don’t leave.” I lowered back to her pussy. “Never run away. We can always fix it together.”

“I promise.”

“Hmmm.” I buried my tongue back into that pussy, using it like I would wield my cock. Touching everything and more.

She cried out, grabbing the sheets next to her, but that couldn’t help her. “Jean-Pierre!”

My cock jerked. I rubbed my length against the sheets to get a little relief. Eden had been yanking out my sperm, upon us being reunited. She’d controlled me with her pussy. I could not think or dominate her anymore when my cock lay deep inside her.

“Oh, Jean-Pierre, baby.” She rocked her hips into my pussy and then locked her thighs around my face. “Oh!”

Yes, reine.

She came hard against me. Her pussy wetting my mouth some more.

Fuck. Yes, baby. Who did that to you?

I kissed her clit.

She shuddered.

I lapped at that sensitive bud, again and again.

“Oh!” She shivered, as her legs fell away from my face, freeing me from her hold.

I rose and wiped my face.

Through sleepy eyes she gazed back.

Licking my fingers, I grunted. “You make me crazy.”

“You were crazy before.”

“You dialed it up.” I was inside her in seconds. My cock penetrating that shivering wet pussy, as it dealt with the aftershocks of orgasms. “How many times can I make you come today?”

Her words rode panted breaths. “Let’s. . .see.”

And I did my best. I shoved that cock deep into her, pumping so hard, squeezing my ass together to give the tip an extra push. I wanted to bottom out in that pussy. Discipline and dominate. She’d been a bad girl too.

I’ll never let you go. Don’t run. Just take it.

I pounded into that pussy all night, barely taking a break. The bed cracked. The room darkened as the day, shifted into night.

And we fucked, shifting from position to position. I had her on all fours, bucking into her. Rutting into that pussy like a mated beast.

Was she not my mate? Was I not a beast? Surely there was a proper breeding phase, although she was already pregnant. Surely, there would be more need to fill her with my come, burst and spurt all inside that pussy.

The whole time we fucked, I relished in her sweat, her pussy’s juices, her scents all over my skin. I wanted everyone to smell her on me. So, when she sucked my cock, into those soft lips, I smeared them with my seed. When she let me ram my cock into that tight little ass, I yanked it out before coming. I painted her back and ass cheeks, smacking that fat bottom, watching it all jiggle with dots of my come on her. Smearing it in. Making her more mine.

By midnight, we stopped.

I ordered food.

When it arrived, I forced her to eat.

And then she forced me to eat mine.

“You’re bossy.” I frowned, as I shoveled food into my mouth.

She grinned. “I’m not.”

I chewed my food, happy to be near her.

When we finished eating, we lay in the darkness. Jazz playing. I didn’t think she was ready to hear the soft melody of a violin, not until we knew the future of her playing.

If the Devil took that from her, I’ll make a violin of his bones. I’ll use his intestines for the bow.

Slowly, she fell asleep in my arms. Her head rested on my chest. Meanwhile, I couldn’t get any rest yet. I was too excited about the future ahead.

She’s pregnant.

We hadn’t talked about it. Plans would need to be made.

She needed a house. Somewhere in the country, away from the craziness. A large mass of land. Horses for her to look at, not ride yet. A garden for fresh food. Our child would require the best of all things. Serious plans would need to be made.

Everything will be different now.

My phone rang on the nightstand.

I reached over and silenced it, not wanting to wake Eden up. She’d been through enough. And with this new news of the pregnancy, she needed even more time to heal. Nothing could get in the way of that.

“She needs to talk to someone,” the doctor had said.

The phone rang again and again.

Sighing, I answered the phone in a soft whisper, “Yes?”

Louis came on the line. “Tomorrow is the meet for the Devil. I couldn’t get the Mouse’s number yet. What’s your plan?”