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I debate changing into something of my own but decide to stay in Warren’s shirt. It hits almost to my knees and smells of him. I turn when I hear a door slowly open. I follow the sounds thinking it’s Warren. Someone grabs me, pushing me up against a wall. Before I can scream a hand covers my mouth.

I stare up into Mr. Barton’s eyes. One is almost swollen all the way shut. There are a few other bruises on his face. It looks like someone beat the shit out of him.

“Oh, I wasn’t good enough? Needed someone with a little more cash to spread those thighs?” he whispers angrily at me. I stand unmoving, shocked that he’s in Warren’s home. “I’ve lost everything over your fucking ass, so I think I should get a taste of your cunt at least.” He leans in more, I can feel his breath on my face. It shocks me into action. I bring my knee up, nailing him right in the balls.

He screams and falls backward. I spot Warren running toward us down the hall, a look of rage on his face. He lifts Barton and throws him into the wall. He winds his hand around his neck as he holds him a few feet off the ground.

I can see Warren’s knuckles are red and angry. I know now where Barton got the bruises.

“One beating wasn’t enough?” Warren yells so loud in his face that I jump. Barton struggles in his hold, but Warren isn’t letting him go. “You came to our house. Touched my woman.”

“Our house?” A smile pulls at my lips. I almost want to laugh that that’s what drew my attention most. I like the idea of us living together, not just me staying here.

Warren looks over at me. “If you don’t let him go I’m going to be living here alone,” I tell him, trying to get some of his anger to cool.

“Fuck.” He looks back at Barton and punches him square in the face. I cringe at the sound of bone crunching. Barton slumps against the wall. Warren hauls him from the floor, walks over to the front door, opens it and tosses him out like he’s nothing more than a ragdoll before picking up a phone sitting on the table by the front door.

“There is trash to clean up on the front porch.” He pauses for a moment. “Yeah, it’s him. Take him to the police station. They’re looking for him.” He drops the phone back on the table. Before I can even say anything he’s on me, lifting me up and sitting me on the table, sliding himself between my legs.

I place my hands on his bare chest. I run my fingers across a few scratches he has there. Last night flashes through my mind—I was on top of him, digging my nails into him. My whole body warms and I lick my lips. I like that I marked him in some way. God knows I’m covered in his marks everywhere. Not that I’m complaining. I like the idea of belonging to him.

Warren grunts. “You still need more?” I watch anger leave his face, softness taking over.

“You’ve done this to me,” I tease. “Turned me into a sex addict.”

He chuckles. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you get what you need, even if it means I have to quit my job so I can keep my head between those lush thighs of yours.”

I smile up at him. “Are they going to close the center?” I heard him say the police are looking for Barton. I’m guessing Warren found something on him. Not shocking.

“No. As long as you want it there, it stays.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Soon you’ll never ask that question. You’ll just know without even a trace of doubt.”

“Thank you. This is all…” I trail off, not having words for what all this is.

“This is love,” he finishes for me.

My breath catches. “You love me?”

He smiles, giving me those dimples. “I don’t want to scare you, but I think this might be more. I might be obsessed. A little crazy.” He leans down to make sure our eyes are on each other. I wrap my arms around his neck and run my fingers into his hair.

“I love you, too.” I place a kiss on his lips. “I want to be crazy obsessed with you.”

“That’s good, because I’m not letting you go.” He gives me a kiss this time. “I’m also tightening security around here. That fucker should have never gotten in here. I must have left the gate open when I got back and forgot to lock the door. I just wanted to get back to you as soon as possible.” Regret shows on his face. “I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry for. I never have to see that man again and the center is going to stay open. I should be thanking you.”