I grip her hips, holding her in place as I release deep inside of her. I keep her still until we both recover from the intensity.

“See? Nothing bad happened.” She smiles down at me and traces my tattoo of her name on my chest. I grunt because it’s all I’ve got in me. I poured two weeks of pent-up lust inside her, and I’ll be lucky if I can move in the next hour.

She slowly climbs off me, my cock slipping free and already coming back to life. Fuck. Neither of us can ever seem to get enough of her. Thank God she’s mine forever.

Getting up from the bed, she turns, leaning down to kiss me. I push my hands into her hair, deepening the kiss before she pulls away.

“Bathroom,” she whispers against my lips, and I release my hold on her hair as I watch her get up from the side of the bed.

“Do you think we can get those cream cheese bagels?” she asks over her shoulder.

“They’re already set to be delivered.” I glance over at the clock next to the bed. “In thirty minutes.”

“God, you’re good at this,” she says as she makes her way to the bathroom.

I’m watching her pert ass wiggle with each step she takes when she suddenly stops.

“Oh, shit,” I hear her whisper, making me spring from the bed. She turns to look at me, and a smile crosses her face. “It worked!”

I look down between her legs, and that’s when I see that her water has clearly broken.

“Damn that book.”



* * *

Three years later…

“I love you this much,” I say, spreading my arms as far as they can go.

Henry sits up and looks at the span, his eyes growing wide. “That’s big,” he whispers, and snuggles back down beside me. I turn the page and keep reading the book about the bear dad telling his bear cub how much he loves him.

This is one of the best parts of my day, putting him to bed and reading him a story. He’s all over the place at this age, but he loves being read to. Mallory is soaking in the tub, and I’m trying not to think about all her curvy bits covered in bubbles. I’ll get to her bedtime story soon enough.

When I get to the end of the book, Henry looks up at me pleadingly and says, “One more.”

“Okay, buddy. But this is the last one.” Tucking him in, I look down at his eyes that are so much like his mother’s and begin.

“Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful princess. The most beautiful princess in all the land.”

“Mommy?” Henry asks, his eyes big and bright.

“Of course. So the beautiful princess didn’t know, but a very handsome prince was watching her.”


“You know it, buddy,” I answer, smiling at him and watching him yawn. “So, this ruggedly handsome prince was protecting the princess from all the dark things around her. He kept his distance while she grew up, and then one day, she wandered onto his land.”

Henry’s eyes are getting heavy, but he’s not quite there yet.

“After many years of watching the princess from a distance, finally she was within reach. So the prince knew it was time to reveal himself. But once the princess found out about all he’d done behind her back, she was very angry.”

“What happened?” Henry asks, his eyes closing and taking a moment to open again.

“Like any good prince, he fought the dragons and witches and climbed the biggest tower in all the kingdoms to rescue the princess and make her see that he did it all for love.”

I brush a dark wave of hair out of his eyes, which are now closed, heavy with sleep. His breathing is even now, and he’s out cold, but I still sit there looking at him.

“Lucky for the prince, he was so good-looking, the princess couldn’t resist.”

Mallory comes up behind me and wraps her warm arms around my waist. I smell the rose scent of her bubble bath and smile.

“Lucky for the princess she got out of the bath. Her knight in shining armor was about to storm the tub.”

Turning off the lamp, we leave Henry to his dreams and make our way to the bedroom. The king needs a night with his queen.



* * *

Six years later…

I look down at Henry as he studies the ice-cream cart outside his father’s office building. Our office building. Things like that still feel strange to think about, even after all these years together.

I picked our son up from his first day of kindergarten, and we’re celebrating. It was bittersweet watching him go in this morning. Oz had to hold my hand to keep me from crying all over the place.

Even Henry cupped my face and told me, “I got this, Mom.” Which made me want to cry more. I’d barely hung on to the tears until Oz had gotten me into the back of the car, where I sobbed all the way to work while he whispered sweet things into my ear. Still, it was hard seeing our only child go off to school.

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