Once I’m finished doing that, I grab some superpower underwear. I need all the sexy confidence I can get. I decide on a gray satin set, thinking that I want something classy yet sharp. And it has nothing to do with the tie Oz will be wearing. It’s all completely coincidental.

I pull out a gray pencil dress that fits my curves nicely. I pair it with a wide black belt and black peep-toe heels. I’m suited up, and it’s exactly what I need today. Armor to take on my libido and wrestle it to the ground as I have breakfast with that gorgeous man.

Grabbing my phone, I’m anxious, because I’ve been avoiding it. I didn’t want to be rushed as I got ready, and I’ve tried to keep myself calm.

Sliding my finger across the screen, I see I have a couple of texts from Oz.

Oz: Wear red lipstick.

Oz: Please.

The request is odd, but I guess since I got to pick out his tie, the least I can do is fulfill his wish. Going to the bathroom, I take out the red lip stain I bought a long time ago. I thought I’d wear it to a party or something but ended up never using it. I guess today is a day for a power color, I think as I swipe the brush across my lips. This stuff will take a sandblaster to get off, but at least I don’t have to worry about reapplying it or having it rub off while we eat.

I send him back a kiss emoji that’s got bright red lips, and he sends back a thumbs-up. It’s so silly that it makes me giggle.

Grabbing my notepad off my nightstand, with all my notes from the day before, I slip it into my bag before I sling it over my shoulder and make my way out to the living room. Paige is at the kitchen counter with a bowl of cereal. She’s dressed in a white button-up shirt and black slacks. She’s currently barefoot, but I see a pair of red heels on the floor beside her.

“Breakfast date?” she asks as I walk in and set my bag down. I nod and try not to blush.

I told her about my date last night after we got home, and she seemed excited for me. It’s unusual for Paige to be excited for me to be going out with someone, but I guess she sees something in this.

“Ready for your first day?” I ask, looking her over. Her auburn hair is pulled back in a ponytail, but it looks professional. She’s so tiny, but she’s got an incredible body, and I’m sure she’s going to rock those heels all day without complaint.

“Definitely. I want to get there early. Make a good impression.”

I nod as my phone vibrates in my hand. I look down to see a text from Oz.

Oz: On my way to you.

I panic for a second, thinking I’m not ready for him to see the place. What if he asks to see my room? I’ve got shit everywhere.

Me: I’ll meet you out front!

I grab my bag and dash out the door, throwing Paige a goodbye over my shoulder. I hear her laugh as the door shuts behind me, and I make my way down the stairs.

Walking out of the stairwell, I open the door to the lobby and see Oz. He’s dressed in a black suit with a crisp white shirt and a heather-gray tie. He looks like some kind of sex god advertising cologne with his gorgeous waves brushed back and his smile so big his dimples show. How I’m still standing and not in a pool of melted need at the sight of him is beyond me.

For a split second I’m surprised he got here so quickly, but it’s followed by relief that I didn’t let him up to our apartment.

“Wow, you got here fast,” I say, walking over to him, trying to grasp my confidence with each step.

“‘Wow’ is right,” he whispers, walking to meet me halfway. “You look stunning.”

He comes right to me and puts his hands on the exposed skin of my arms. His warm palms send pleasure through my body. The dress I’m wearing is sleeveless, and he’s already taking advantage of what’s uncovered.

Leaning in, he places a kiss below my ear. I’m assaulted by his scent, the rich fragrance enveloping me. The intimate sensation of his soft, full lips against my skin has a flood of desire pooling in the lower half of my body. Like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Fucking hell, I think my knees are going weak. How does he do that?

He pulls back, looking at me, licking his lips. It’s incredibly sexy seeing his tongue run along his mouth, and I want to lean up and taste him.

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