He palms my ass and pulls me closer to his hard cock. I’m sideways on his lap, but I want to wiggle my dress up and straddle him to try to relieve this pressure that’s building. I want all of my body against his, and I want it now. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve ever lost control, and it’s fucking amazing.

When I make a move to straddle him, one of his big hands comes down to gently rest on my thigh. Breaking the kiss, he looks at me, and I see the need in his eyes matches my own.

“Mallory,” he whispers, and it sounds like he’s begging me.

Doubts of this all being a game to him slip past me in that moment, in the way he says my name. The hunger he has for me. I’ve never had that from anyone. To look at me with so much want and need. I want it. I might be jumping off the deep end, this being my first relationship, but for once I don’t care. I’m not planning and looking at it from every angle. I’m going and it’s a little freeing. To let go. Let him catch me even if it’s only for this moment and it’s all I have. He could break my heart but I’d still remember every second of this. This seems so right. It has to be. I’ve never felt like this with another person before and I can’t let this moment pass me by. I won’t let it.

I try and move again, but he holds my legs together so I can’t. When I open my mouth to ask him why he’s stopping me, he plays with the hem of my dress.

“This.” His voice is soft as his fingertips trail up the inside of my thigh.

I keep my eyes locked with his as I let my legs fall open for his touch. His hand slips under my dress and up to my panties, and I nearly moan at the contact. I’ve never had a man touch me here, and as Oz’s big fingers delicately touch the damp spot on my panties, it nearly makes me combust.

“Oz.” There is such need in my voice, but a little panic, too. I want this, but I’m terrified. This is absolutely crazy, but I don’t want to stop to think about that right now. Later. I will think through all of this much later.

“I’ll take care of you, Mallory. Always.”

He slowly pulls my panties to the side, and I shiver at the first touch. He rubs my soaked pussy, reminding me of how turned on I am. His breath catches as he touches me, and knowing he likes it turns me on even more.

I cling to him, my fingers in his hair, my legs open for his touch. He rubs my clit, and I tense under him, so close to an orgasm. I’ve given myself a few, but they’re always a lot of work, and never really worth it. This is nothing like that. This is already way better than anything I’ve given myself, and I’m climbing toward something gigantic.

“Let me have it, baby.” His breath hits my lips, and I want to do what he says. Looking over, I see his suit-covered arm working up and down, and it’s so fucking erotic. Knowing that arm leads to the hand that’s under my dress, the one that’s getting me off, is too much for me to handle.

Looking into his sapphires, I bite my lip and give in to the orgasm I’ve been terrified of.

The wave is intense and so powerful, I see stars. I let out a shout of release as his fingers rub me, drawing out the pleasure. My body is close to breaking into a million pieces, yet I’m held together as Oz’s arm comes around my back.

I melt into his hold, gulping in air as my body collapses against him. He pulls his fingers away from my heat and readjusts my panties. The cool damp satin is a balm on my overstimulated pussy right now.

Oz brings his fingers up to his mouth, and I watch as his tongue comes out to taste them. He closes his eyes, moaning at the flavor. His cock twitches under my hip and it turns me on all over again. Knowing he likes it is so dirty, but I can’t be bothered to care.

Once he takes his fingers from his mouth he looks at me with the most intense stare. I think he might take me here on the floor of the limo, and to be honest, I don’t know that I’d stop him. Instead, his lips come to mine again, but this time it’s gentle. It’s a sweet kiss of thanks, and I can taste a hint of myself.

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