He breaks the kiss, putting his forehead to mine and taking a deep breath.

“That was so much more than I expected. Thank you, Mallory.”

I redden all the way to my toes. “I think I should be the one thanking you.”

He squeezes me to his body and lets out a little laugh. “Have lunch with me today. Then dinner tonight.”

“You’re so greedy,” I say, trying to play off how much I want to do both of those things, but I know I shouldn’t because I need to stay at work over lunch.

He pulls back to look at me and gives me those dimples I love so much. “For you? Always.”

It’s then I realize the limo has stopped. I look over at my watch and see it’s almost time for me to be at work. I think about saying yes to both, but I need to keep my wits about me. If lunch turns out anything like breakfast, I won’t be able to make it back in. My legs are going to be shaky as it is.

“Dinner,” I say, running my hands through his hair. Something about him has taken me over, and I get tunnel vision when he’s near me.

He rubs his hands up and down my back, like he can’t stop touching me.

“I’ll pick you up right here after work.” He leans in, giving my lips a kiss, and then sets me on the seat beside him.

Instantly, I miss being close to him, and a slight chill settles into me. But I smile as I watch him pull out a small paper bag and fill it with some of the pastries from the tray in front of us. Once he’s finished, he takes my bag and slips the paper bag inside.

I look for a mirror to right my hair and my makeup, which are surely all over the place, but Oz leans over and takes my face in his hands.

“You look perfect. Not a hair out of place.” He kisses my lips again, and this time, his tongue is slow and sweet. He’s savoring me. When he pulls back, he’s beaming again. “That lipstick is no joke. I should buy stock in it.”

I redden a little as I grab my bag. Before I can turn back to tell Oz goodbye, he’s out of the limo and coming around to open my door. He holds his hand out and I take it as I step out and adjust my dress, smoothing it down. He takes my chin and makes me look up at him.

“I’ll be waiting,” he says, leaning down and placing a soft kiss on my lips.

With that, I walk away and enter the building. Once I’m past the glass doors, I turn back and see him give me a little wave. It makes me blush all over again, but it’s kind of adorable.

I scan my pass and hop on the elevator, standing in the back corner as people enter. I bring my fingers to my lips and wonder if anyone has a clue that I had the greatest morning of my life.

Chapter Eight


* * *

I pick at the limp lettuce in my bowl. After not eating much at breakfast, I’m starving, but this salad actually looks kind of sad, even with all the ranch and cheese I piled on it.

I pick up my phone to text Oz. We’d texted a few times this morning after I got out of the limo but once I got to my desk I’d put my phone away to make sure I got everything done that needed doing. Even if my mind kept wandering back to him over and over again. At least it was busywork and I could do both things at once.

Me: I hope you have something yummy planned for dinner. I’m starving.

Oz: Did you not get lunch? You have to eat.

I smile at his concern, and it warms me all over.

Me: I’m actually at lunch now, but this cafeteria at work kinda sucks.

Oz: Oh, really?

Me: What’d you do for lunch?

Oz: You tasted like peaches when I sucked you off my finger this morning, and it’s all I’ve wanted since. So I had peach cobbler for lunch.

My cheeks flush. No one has ever talked to me like this. Heat rushes to my core as I think about what he did to me this morning. The look on his face when he tasted me, like I was the best thing he’s ever had in his life. It was a look I’ll never forget.

Oz: Are you blushing? You have no idea how hard it makes me when you blush.

Feeling sexy and a little bold because of the text messages, I hit the camera app and take a picture, sending it to him. My cheeks are clearly red.

Oz: Fuck, baby. Are you in the cafeteria? I’m not sure I like the idea of others seeing you blush.

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