I’m unsure what’s happening the rest of the week. It’s only Tuesday, and I want to hedge my bets with Oz. But I’m sure I can do drinks after work one night with Skyler, and then maybe Oz and I can do dinner after. Or maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. I keep telling myself to play it cool, but here I am, planning days together.

“Oh, that sounds good. I met a couple of the junior associates on the top floor this afternoon when I took those forms up. Maybe I’ll invite some of them. I know everyone likes to go to Marie’s Yacht Club next door.”

“I’ll ask my roommate, too. She works in security here.” Skyler smiles at me and I’m excited. “It’s a plan,” I agree, and then we go back to finishing our work.

Skyler and I get ready to leave at the same time, both of us cleaning up and grabbing our bags. Before we get to the elevator, I grab my phone and check for text messages. I’m not disappointed when I slide the screen and see what Oz left for me.

The first is a pic of a grumpy cat that says I love math. It makes people cry. Skyler looks at me and raises an eyebrow when I snort. I end up showing her the pic, and she snorts, too. We’re obviously easily amused.

He also left me a few texts that I read privately as we wait for the elevator.

Oz: I’m thinking of you too much today. I fear for the future of my company.

Oz: In case I forgot to tell you, you looked gorgeous today.

Oz: How’s the red lip stain holding up? Will we test its durability again after dinner?

Oz: I’m outside waiting when you’re finished with work.

My cheeks burn, and I bite my lip as I send him a quick response.

Me: All finished and on the way down. Lip stain is doing well…but could be faulty. We should do another case study, just to be sure.

His response is immediate as the elevator doors open and Skyler and I step through.

Oz: If anything, I’m thorough.

“Is that your boyfriend?” Skyler asks as I tuck my phone away.

“Yes,” I say, thinking he may be. I don’t know how soon into dating you do that, but it’s like we are headed in that direction. That’s something to bring up with Oz tonight. Are we exclusive? I think I know what his answer would be, but I’d like to put it out there and be sure. “Yes,” I say again, this time a bit more confidently. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Girlfriend. We’ve been together since high school.” Skyler pulls out her phone and shows me a picture. “This is Jamie.” The dark-haired beauty is next to Skyler on a beach, the two of them in bikinis. I’m immediately jealous of their slim bodies.

“Wow, she’s hot,” I blurt out. Realizing that may have been rude, I follow it up with a hurried, “Sorry.”

Skyler laughs and puts her phone away. “I know, right? She’s a babe. I’ll see if she wants to come out with us on Friday…if it’s okay to bring our partners.”

“Oh, that sounds like fun. Maybe I’ll ask my—” I pause for a quick second, then just say it “—boyfriend. See if he wants to come, too.”

“Sure. Sounds like a good time. After we hit Marie’s Yacht Club for some food we can go to Seven Eight Nine—it’s a club next door if we want to go dancing after.”

“Good call.” I think about Oz and I meeting there. Maybe he’d like to go back so we could dance.

We exit the elevator and walk through the lobby. I make my way toward the front of the building. Skyler said she was taking a cab to meet Jamie for dinner, so we walk outside together. Looking left, I see Oz’s limo, and as I spot it, the door opens.

“I’m this way. See you tomorrow,” I toss over my shoulder, making my way over to Oz.

He steps out as I approach, his black suit looking as crisp as it did this morning. The gray tie catches a little of the setting sun, and his smile beams at me, dimples and all. As I approach him, I see his eyes move past me, and then his smile drops.

I turn, looking over my shoulder, and see Skyler staring at us. She has an odd look on her face, but after a second, she walks away in the other direction.

I turn back to Oz, and he looks down at me, but there’s something in his eyes. I can’t tell what it is. It’s almost like he’s hesitant. The happy beaming face from before is gone, replaced by worry.

“Hey. Do you know her?”

“No,” he says quickly, and then his eyes clear of whatever it was that was bothering him. Letting out a quick sigh, he smiles at me and reaches out, pulling me into his arms. “How was your sandwich?”

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