I look around, a little dazed, and see the waiter approach us. Oz must have been more aware of our surroundings than I was. I had completely forgotten we weren’t alone.

The waiter takes our empty plate of pasta and leaves a large slice of chocolate cake. With only one fork. I smile at Oz, but he shrugs and picks it up, offering me a bite.

“Do you get to go any other fun places?” I ask before I take a bite of the delicious cake.

“I’ve been all over but lately I’ve been trying to keep it stateside. The traveling gets wearing and New York has never been so appealing now with you in it.” He reaches out his thumb, wiping some cake from the side of my mouth. He brings it to his own mouth, sucking it clean.

“What is it you want to do at Osbourne Corporation? You said you had an internship.”

“It’s an internship in their accounting department. I’d like to one day run a department like that. I went to Yale, and my major was in statistics, which basically means I’m good with numbers. I’d like to put that to good use.”

He puts his hand on me again and runs his thumb along the back of my neck as I explain what I did in college and how I ended up working for Osbourne Corp. It’s like he always has to be touching me. Every now and then he asks me a question about something specific, but otherwise he lets me talk. I tell him about my time at Yale, and Paige, and what I thought my career path might be. I tell him about my past, about growing up in foster care, but he listens and nods through all of it.

After a while, I realize I’ve been talking about myself nonstop for probably over an hour.

“I’m sorry,” I say, looking away. “I’ve never done that before.”

“What? Why are you sorry?” Oz leans in and wraps his arms around me again. “Don’t ever be sorry. For anything. I love hearing you talk. Don’t ever apologize for that.” He gives me a quick kiss on the lips, but doesn’t deepen it. Instead, he stands, holding his hand out to me. “I think they’d like to close this place up.”

I take his hand, and he leads me away from the beautiful jellyfish room and out of the aquarium. Once we’re outside, the limo is there, waiting on us. He reaches out, opening the door and helping me in before sliding in after me. As soon as the door is closed behind him, he’s pulling me onto his lap.

He rests his hands on either side of my neck and looks into my eyes. Something flashes there, but again, I don’t know what it is. Longing? There’s a need there, but I can’t place it.

“Come home with me,” he whispers so softly I almost don’t catch it.

I hesitate, wanting to give him what he wants, but unsure if this is what I’m ready for.


“When I get back,” he interrupts, giving me a sweet smile that shows one of his dimples. “Maybe then. We don’t have to do anything, Mallory. I want you in my bed.”

Before I can answer, he leans up, kissing me softly, but it’s not enough. This time, I’m the one sweeping my tongue into his mouth and deepening the kiss. I want more, but it’s so fast. Maybe these couple of days apart will give me some time to clear the lust-filled fog from my brain.

Oz runs his hands down my back to my ass, pulling me closer to him. I rub my breasts against his chest, wishing there was nothing between us. Breaking the kiss, I’m about to tell him to take me to his house, when the limo stops. It’s then I realize I never felt it start. I was so lost in our kiss that I didn’t realize the car was moving, let alone that we’d traveled so far as to reach a destination.

“Can I take you for breakfast in the morning?” he asks, kissing down my neck.

“If it’s anything like breakfast this morning, yes.” My words are breathy. I love the heat of his lips on me.

He pulls back, smiling, both dimples out in full force. “You need only ask, my sweet Mallory.”

With one final kiss, he helps me out of the limo and watches me enter the lobby of my apartment on wobbly legs.

Chapter Ten


* * *

“Someone is about to get throat punched!” I hear paige bellow. The shout is followed by a loud pounding on the front door. I roll over and look at the clock. Five a.m. shows in bright neon blue. I spring from the bed, chasing paige down the hallway before she ends up arrested for assault. It’s way too early to bail her out of jail.

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