He yawns, and then it sounds like he’s lying down.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m in bed. It’s late here, and I have to be up in three hours. I waited to hear from you.”

I’m overcome by guilt again for ignoring my phone because I was pissed. I apologize, but he interrupts me.

“I’m so happy you called me, baby. Listen, you enjoy your nice long soak. And if you want, maybe send me some pictures of you while you’re enjoying it.”

“Oz.” I say it like I can’t believe he asked me that. Although I’ve never sent nudes to anyone, suddenly the naughty idea sounds so dirty and sexy.

“I’ll need something to wake up to since we can’t have our breakfast together tomorrow. I’m already sad about it. Maybe if I have something sweet from you, I can make it through the day.”

“I’ll think about it,” I say, running my hand up my leg. I consider all the dirty things I could send him, and the blush spreads across my cheeks.

“Good night, my sweet Mallory. Wear the shirt I left you. I hope I see you in my dreams.”

“I will. For you. ’Night, Oz. I miss you.”

With that, we hang up, and I set my phone on the towel. I soak in the bubbles for a few moments, letting my cheeks burn. He says the most romantic things to me. They make me so embarrassed, yet cherished. It’s equal parts exciting and overwhelming. I want to do this for him. To show him I’m in this, too.

After my face has cooled down, I grab my phone and take a few snaps before I lose my nerve and stop myself. He’s seen all of me already, right? Why should I be so nervous about sending him a few flirty pictures?

I take ten and erase all but one. Then take ten more and only keep one of those. I want to send him five different poses, so I get creative and keep at it.

Finally, after forever, I’ve got five that I think are suitable. One is pretty tame with me under the bubbles. The second is of my breasts above the water. The third is a pic of my legs spread with a hint of my pussy. And I blush as I debate the last two. Finally, I put my hand over my face and hit Send before I can change my mind. One of the last ones was of my hand holding my pussy lips spread so he could see my clit, and the last one was me bent over with my legs spread. I ought to get some kind of trophy for being able to get in that position and snap a picture. Thank God for timers.

After I send them all, I put my phone down and finish my bath. I think about Oz and wonder what we’ll do on Saturday when he gets back. I think about going to his place and maybe telling him I’m ready to stay the night. It hasn’t been that long, but I’ve always thought that when I finally found the right guy, I would know. And it’s that way with Oz. It’s like this is the guy I’ve been waiting on. He’s the reason I passed on all the guys before. I was waiting on a man like him to come into my life and sweep me off my feet. He’s done all that and so much more. I’m ready to take the next step, and that means giving myself completely to him.

Once I’ve finished in the bathroom, I pull on a pair of panties and then the shirt Oz left me. It makes me smile. I wonder if he’s wearing my Yale shirt right now. The thing is so big it would fit him nicely. He’d fill it out better than I do.

Snuggling down in bed, I check my phone, but Oz hasn’t texted back. Hopefully he’s getting what little sleep he can before he has to go to work. I send him a quick text telling him good-night and sending little kisses, before turning over and falling asleep myself.

* * *

I dream of Oz. We’re in a tub surrounded by so many bubbles I can’t find him. I’m calling his name, but I can’t see where he is. I imagine his hands coming through the warm water, though, and his fingers on my pussy. He’s rubbing my clit and making me feel so good that I stop worrying about where he is and enjoy it.

I wake up with my hand down my panties, my fingers on my clit and an orgasm pulsing through my body. I came so hard I woke myself up, and I lie there panting.

“Mal, you okay in there? It’s almost seven-thirty. We’ve got to leave in fifteen minutes.” Paige’s words make me shoot out of bed. I stand in the middle of my room in a panic for five full seconds.

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