His words send heat running through me, and suddenly it’s one hundred degrees in my room.

“You’re very close. I miss my T-shirt,” I say, teasing him. “Are you keeping it company?”

“I’m wearing it as we speak, my sweet girl.”

“You’re joking.” There’s no way he has it on.

“Oh, but I’m not. I’ve got it on right now, and not much else. I wanted to smell you while I talked to you. I’ve slept with it every night since I left your side.”

Something about this should be silly, but instead it’s turning me on more.

“What else are you wearing?” I ask, pushing for him to tell me more.

“Your shirt, Mallory. And nothing else. Your pictures have had me in a state of pain all day, and I’ve been needing release. Not to mention, your shirt wasn’t the only thing I took. I took the panties, too.”

I hear a deep breath and picture him smelling my panties as he strokes himself. My pussy clenches in response. I want to help him. I want to make him feel as good as he makes me feel.

“What can I do?” My words are breathy, and my breasts tighten as my nipples ache.

“I want you to slide your hand down the front of your panties and gently touch your pussy, baby. Tell me if you’re wet.”

His dirty words make me clench again, and I can guarantee I’m soaked. I’ve never been talked to like this, and it’s turning me on more than I ever imagined.

I do as he says, sliding my hand down into my panties and touching my wet pussy lips. I gasp at the sensation. They’re so sensitive to the touch.

“You’re wet, aren’t you, baby? Your sweet pussy is missing my attention.”

I moan into the phone as I spread my lips and rub my clit.

“My cock has been so fucking hard all day thinking about how good your pussy tastes. I missed it so much this morning. Getting to hold you and getting you off. I’ve leaked come into my underwear all day thinking about what I want to do to you.”

“Oz,” I whisper, and pulse around my fingers.

“That’s it, Mallory. I’m rubbing my cock as I listen to you masturbate. I’m going to come when you do, baby, and not a second before. I wish I was there to put my mouth between your legs and lick up all your honey.”

“Oh, God.” The image of him between my legs is nearly enough to send me over.

“That’s what I dream about, baby. Eating your tight little pussy until you can’t walk in a straight line.” I hear the sounds of him jerking off his cock, and I don’t know how much more I can take. I’m so beyond turned on that I can’t think straight. “Is it virgin, baby? Is your wet pussy untouched?”

“Yes,” I moan, his filthy words sending little tremors through my body. I would confess anything to him at this point. I’ll promise him anything, as long as he keeps talking to me.

“Good girl, Mallory. That’s what I want to hear. That I’m the only one who’s ever going to touch you. That you’ve been saving it for me.”

“Yes.” My moan is louder this time, my body tensing, so close to release.

“Come, my love.”

His words send me over the edge, and I contract around my fingers as my back bows off the bed and my legs tense up. It’s powerful, and hearing his grunts of release on the other end of the phone only drags out my orgasm more.

I’m lying on the bed, a complete mess. I’m sweaty without a bone left in my body, and I’m trying to catch my breath.

“Baby? Are you alive?”

I laugh into the phone and my cheeks heat. How can I possibly be shy after that?

“Barely. You?”

“I believe I’ve found heaven for the second time today.” I can hear the smile in his voice, and it makes my heart ache for him.

“I miss you. Is it too soon to ache like this?”

“My sweet Mallory. You have no idea how happy it makes me when you say that. You’ll be back in my arms before you know it.”

“Good. I didn’t like my morning routine today.”

“Then I’ll make sure to spoil you every day when I get back.”


“I’m going to get some sleep. I’ve got to be up in a couple of hours.”

Looking over at the clock, I see it’s after nine. He must have gotten up to call me. It’s early for bed, but I’m so exhausted all of a sudden.

“I think I’m going to turn in early, too. I’ve got a late night tomorrow, so I should catch up on sleep.”

“Late night?” Suddenly, he sounds wide-awake.

“Yes, remember? I’m going out with some people tomorrow after work. It’s to the bar next door.” My tone sounds like I’m asking for permission. “Paige is coming with me,” I say, trying to let him know I’ll have a friend.

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