“You are, baby. I told you I wanted a whole day. And I’m getting it. Starting now.”

Smiling, I throw my arms around his neck and let him lead. It’s good being in his arms again and knowing that he’ll take care of me. There’s nothing like trusting someone completely to make you fall in love.

Chapter Seventeen


* * *

My dreams are scattered, and I can’t make anything out clearly. I’m in a sea of people, and suddenly Oz is there. He’s the only thing I can focus on, and I run to him. His heat is against me, but he’s so far away. I want to pull him closer, but he’s out of reach. I’m aching for him, but I can’t get there.

Opening my eyes, I see the room is pitch-black and I have a tiny moment of panic. But then his smell fills my lungs, and his strong arms tighten around me and I know I’m safe.

The cool sheets brush against my skin, and I discern I have on panties and nothing else. I must have passed out in Oz’s arms when he carried me inside his home, because I don’t remember anything beyond the limo. Looking at the bedside table, I see it’s four in the morning. I can never sleep through the night when I drink, but on the plus side, I don’t have a hangover.

I’m lying on my back with Oz wrapped around me, and it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. His warm skin against mine is making my body come alive, and I want him. His head is against my neck, and his breaths on that sensitive spot are driving me wild. His big hand is on my naked breast, and I’m reminded of how he played with my nipples when he got me off. Suddenly, desire is pooling between my legs, and I’m yearning for him like never before.

I reach out and run my hand across his forearm and up his biceps. He moves under me as he lets out a little hum, so I keep going. I run my hand down his side, then move it lower to his hip. When I don’t come into contact with any underwear, my pussy clenches. He must have left my panties on to try to keep himself from taking me. The thought makes me happy. And naughty.

As my hand moves down his hip, he thrusts against me, and it’s then the steel-hard ridge of his naked cock rubs against my thigh. Behaving boldly, I move my hand between us to where he’s hardest and wrap my hand around him. The long, thick shaft is heavy as I move up and down, testing his size. His cock pulses in my palm, and I try to squeeze my thighs together for relief. I ache for him, long for him to be inside me, and I don’t think I can wait another second. This is what I’ve been wanting, and now I have him lying naked in bed next to me.

“Mallory,” he moans against my neck, and thrusts his cock into my hand.

“Oz. I need you,” I whisper, his lips kissing me below my ear.

“What do you need, baby?” His voice is sleepy but deep and filled with sex.

As I grip him tighter, he shudders beside me. “You. I want you, Oz. Please.”

“Be careful what you ask for. Because if I have you, I won’t stop.”

The threat in his voice sends a thrill of excitement though me, and makes me desire him more. It should be impossible to be this turned on, but lust is raging through me, and I’m unable to quiet it.

“Don’t stop. Please.”

He grunts and kisses down my neck, moving his big body over mine. In the dark, I can’t see anything, but it heightens my passion. Making me aware of every little detail beyond sight. He works his way down my chest, and his cock slips from my hand. I miss holding it, but the warm slick heat of his mouth is driving me crazy.

His body moves between my legs and he knees my thighs apart. He’s rough as he does it, and I like that he isn’t being delicate. It’s not painful; it’s the complete opposite. It’s as if he’s taking what he wants, and the thrill of his possession is intoxicating. The weight of him on me, with his stomach against my pussy and his mouth on my breast, is overwhelming. My nipple is sucked into his mouth, and my back nearly comes off the bed to follow the sensation. I’ve never felt anything like this before, and my body arches to get closer to the warm heat.

He releases my nipple with a pop, and I cry out at the loss.

“I’m going to do so many things to your body, baby. Lie here and let me love you and give you what you need. Let me own every inch of you.”

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