I grab his hair, gripping the wavy locks between my fingers. I tighten them in it as he returns to my nipple, sucking it into his mouth again. He licks me, then bites a little. The sensation forces me to take in a sharp breath, and I moan his name. His mouth tortures me, going back and forth between breasts, making sure each has equal attention.

“Slow down,” he whispers, and I don’t know if he’s talking to me, to himself, or to time.

I want this to last forever, but I also want more.

Oz moves down farther, kissing my belly along the way. He pauses there to kiss my sides and across my belly button. The wet heat on one hip makes me moan as he moves to the other, tasting me there.

“So soft. So fucking perfect.” His voice is gruff, making goose bumps scatter across my skin. “You’re mine now, Mallory. I’m going to make you cling to me until there’s never a question of who you belong to.”

His hands push my thighs open farther, and I’m a little grateful it’s dark in here. I can’t see what he’s doing, and he can’t see my blush as he places a kiss over my panty-covered pussy.

“I can’t keep my mouth off you,” he says, repeating the action.

This time when he kisses my pussy, his mouth opens over the material and the warm wetness seeps through my panties.

“I can taste your sweetness on them. You’re so wet you’ve soaked through. It’s all for me, isn’t it? Every inch of you is just for me.” The possessiveness is thick in his voice.

I raise my hips, wanting his mouth again, but he doesn’t give it to me. Instead, he reaches up to the front of my underwear, grabbing the waistband and giving it a firm tug. The lacy material gives way, and he tears them off me. The aggressive move heightens my arousal. Cool air hits my pussy, but I’m quickly warmed when he covers my tender, wet flesh with his mouth.

“Oz!” I shout, as slick heat rolls across my clit, circling it and giving it pressure. The sensation is unlike anything I could’ve ever imagined, and I spread my legs wider giving him as much of me as he wants.

He slides his thick fingers up my thigh and penetrates me as he bites down softly on my tiny nub. The pinch of pain mixed with overwhelming pleasure makes me dizzy with lust.

Hot breath tickles my pussy as his fingers curl upward inside me, rubbing some perfect place that has me mewling with need. The intensity of the touch is indescribable, and Oz holds me down as he pulls the pleasure out of me.

“So sticky sweet,” he says, and I can hear how wet I am.

My face burns from the blush, but I’m so far gone I don’t care. I’m lifting my hips and begging him to put his mouth on me. Embarrassment has left the bed.

“Fuck, I can’t wait to do this with my cock. I’m going to own you, Mallory. Every inch of me is going mark every inch of you.”

He thrusts his fingers in and out of my wet channel, and my thighs shake. This is pleasure unlike any I’ve ever known, and I never want him to stop.

“I’ve waited so long to taste you, to have you. Now you’re all mine.” He sounds aggressive as he says it. Almost impatient, like he’s waited forever.

He latches his mouth back on to me, and the flat of his tongue keeps licking over and over. He’s like a tiger giving me a bath as he laps up my dripping pussy. It’s the perfect tempo, and I writhe on the bed. The even, firm strokes repeat until my pleasure can’t build any higher.

Gripping his hair tightly, I throw my head back and shout his name as I come on his fingers and against his face. I ride his hand and mouth, stretching out the orgasm as long as I can. It’s earth-shattering, and I’ve gone weak when I come down and catch my breath. The orgasm was fast but no less fierce as it echoes through my veins.

Oz pulls away only slightly to kiss the top of my pussy, above my clit. Then he slips his fingers out of me and I clench at the loss. I can hear him lick them clean as he moves up a little more.

He kisses my hips again, and then my stomach, making me moan. He nuzzles me there, and the prickles of his day-old shave abrade my oversensitive skin and create shivers in their wake. I’m sure I’ll have a burn on my pussy from it, too, though it’s the last thing I’m worried about now.

“I need inside you, Mallory,” he says against my soft belly. “Are you on the pill?” He places a gentle kiss on my belly button, but I want to cry at his question.

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