“No. Do you have anything?” Jesus, I can’t even bring myself to say the word condom. Why didn’t I think of this before? I’m cursing myself as he shakes his head.

“I don’t want to use one with you.” He licks over to my hip, and my desire is building by the minute. “I’ll pull out, baby. I want you bare.”

I’m not an idiot. I’ve attended Sex Ed, and the foster system taught me what unplanned pregnancy can do. But I’m a puddle of horny lust, and I can’t tell him no. This is when I should be clearest, but I’m so beyond reason when it comes to him that I’ll give him anything he wants. Including unprotected sex.

“Okay,” I whisper, quietly giving power over to him.

He growls and moves up my body, kissing every inch of me along the way. His hands are all over me, and his mouth won’t leave my skin. It’s as if he is trying to devour me, and I do nothing but lie there and let him.

When he gets to my breasts, he torments my nipples, loving each one with his tongue and teeth. They are going to be sore later, but I can’t think about that. I can only think about now.

The hard head of his cock comes up against my opening, and I moan at the heat between us. He teases me, rubbing the tip on my clit as his mouth moves to my neck. He’s everywhere, and my nerve endings are ablaze. He’s got them all charged, and each touch is like sweet fire.

“Mallory.” He says my name as if it’s an ache deep in his chest. He’s demanding, and I have no power to tell him no.

“Please, Oz. Make love to me.”

He thrusts inside at my surrender, and his sudden girth is painful. But his fingers pinching my nipple and his mouth on my neck keep me distracted enough to breathe through it. He holds himself fully inside me, letting me adjust, and the distractions are working.

“My sweet girl. You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this.” His words are through pained breaths, and he sounds so close to the edge. I wrap my arms and legs around him, holding him tightly to me. I want to offer my body to him as a reward, and give him what he gives me. A sense of belonging and of coming home.

It’s as if we’ve both waited our whole lives to get to this moment, and something special passes between us. His familiar scent washes over me, and his mouth continues to kiss every inch of my exposed skin.

He moves slightly, and the sweet drag of his cock sets my body alive. The thin layer of sweat on my skin makes Oz slide against me as he thrusts, and it’s beyond erotic. It’s as if the passion that has formed between us helps our bodies connect in the most primal way possible. The need between us so elemental that nothing could stop us.

His bare cock inside me feels taboo, as if we’re breaking some kind of rule. Not using protection adds to the element of secrecy, and it’s turning me on even more. The irresponsible part of me relishes it. I’ve never done it before, and it feels so fucking dirty sweet. I raise my hips, wanting all of him as deep as possible, and he grunts on top of me. Both of us know what we’re doing and what it could lead to, yet his bare cock keeps thrusting away.

The thought has my pussy tightening around him, ready to come again. “Oz,” I moan, and even I can hear the need in my voice.

He takes his mouth away from my neck, moving to my ear.

“Let me come inside you, baby. Don’t make me pull out.” His deep voice is telling me all the things I shouldn’t want, so why am I so turned on by it?

His words make me bear down on him harder as he grinds himself into me. It’s as if I’m begging him to do it.

“I’ll take care of you, baby. I take care of everything.” His hands come up to brush the damn hair out of my face as he licks my neck. “You’re mine, Mallory. I’ll never let you go.”

“Oh God, Oz.” I clench again, and I know I’m going to come. It’s building so high, and his thick cock is filling me so perfectly.

He growls as he grinds against my clit. He’s not even pulling out to thrust now. He wants to be inside me as much as possible.

“Please, baby,” he says, licking the shell of my ear.

I’m overwhelmed with want, and playing on the edge has heightened my need. This is so wrong. But being with him in this way is so right. It’s like I’ve finally found my other half, and sharing my body with him is natural. Doing this together, both of us bare, is perfect.

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