I glance in the mirror. My eye makeup is smudged, and my lips still swollen from the kisses he’d given me. Taking a step closer to the mirror, I see little red marks around my breasts. Flashes of Oz kissing and sucking on them flip through my mind, and I recall the feel of his whiskers there, too. I look well loved, and I want to spend the weekend doing it over and over again, not caring that my body is still sore.

A beeping noise draws my attention to the bathroom counter. Oz’s phone is plugged into the charger and the screen lights up, showing he has a voice mail message. The name Paige shows across the screen.

My Paige?

Shit, I didn’t even tell her I wasn’t coming home. Damn it, she’s probably crazy worried. Guilt hits me again about last night and how things went with us. I can’t even imagine what kind of message she would leave on Oz’s phone or how that crazy woman tracked down his freaking number.

Picking up the phone, I slide my finger across the screen and smile when I see the picture I took of myself in the cafeteria at work as his home screen. Clicking the voice mail button, I get ready for a serious screamfest from Paige.

“Miles. What the actual fuck? I had that shit under control. I was going to get her out of there. You storming in the club and punching someone in the face in a jealous rage is going to get your ass on the fucking cover of some gossip column, you dumb shit. Not only that, but blow the plans you’ve had in place for over four fucking years. Oh, and let’s not forget that all the enemies you’ve made owning Osbourne Corp are likely going to know you have a thing for Mallory. Now that’s going to put her right in the fucking spotlight. You better hope no one got any pictures!” She yells the last part before ending the message.

All the blood rushes to my ears as I try to piece together what Paige said. Why was Paige’s number saved into Oz’s phone? How did I not even catch that? Oz owns Osbourne Corp? Paige knows Oz? Wait. Oz has had a plan for me for four years?

My hands shake, and I drop the phone. It hits the white tile floor with a crack, but I don’t care in the least. I have to get out of here. Now.

I want to run, but I have to be quiet. My heart is pounding in my ears. I need to sneak out. I head back to the bedroom and quickly find my dress and slide it on. I see my purse and shoes over by the dresser and I grab them. I look over at Oz, who’s now on his back, the sheet covering the lower half of his beautiful body. I want to scream at him and ask what the fuck is going on. I step forward, about to do it, my emotions getting the best of me. I feel the angry rage bubbling inside me, and as I get to the side of the bed, I look down at his bare chest.

My eyes roam over his left pec, right where his heart is. The name Mallory is tattooed there in cursive script.

I feel like someone punched me right in the stomach. My hand goes to my mouth to stop myself from making a sound. The tattoo doesn’t look new. I slowly and quietly back away from the bed until I reach the door. When I’m there, I silently open it and run down the hallway. When I reach the end, I spot the elevator. I hit the button in a panic and pray I make it out of here before he wakes. I don’t want answers from him. I want them from Paige.

When it dings, I get on, hitting the button to the lobby over and over until the doors close. It’s then I realize this elevator looks familiar, and it’s not because I’m remembering it from the night before.

“No,” I whisper to myself, clutching my purse and shoes to my chest. When the elevator hits the bottom floor, the doors open, and I see Chuck, the security guard who always smells like he drowns himself in Old Spice. I close my eyes and open them again. I pray I’m dreaming, but Chuck is still there with a giant smile on his face.

“Morning, Miss Mallory,” he says, giving me a little wave.

“Morning, Chuck.” I hit the button for the third floor and he gives me a strange look. Probably because I’m not getting off and I’m sure I look like I’m doing the walk of shame.

I dig in my purse for my keys as the doors close. When the elevator stops, I get off, going straight for my door and unlocking it.

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