“Now let’s get to work before I take this pretty dress off you and rip another pair of your panties.”

* * *

“Here we go,” Skyler says, sitting back in her chair.

I’d told her when I got to work today that there would be a delivery. I didn’t expect it to come two seconds after I walked in the door.

I shoot a rubber band at her, and she dodges, giving me a smug face.

Jay holds the double doors open as a young woman with dark hair and dark skin comes in wheeling a huge rack of clothes. She’s wearing a bright yellow wrap dress that accentuates all her curves and looks so pretty against her flawless skin. I immediately like her look and hope she’s got something on that rack that will look half as nice on me.

Standing up, I greet her, extending my hand. I’m nervous but excited.

“Hi, I’m Mallory.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Kimmi Ford.”

Skyler peeks over my shoulder practically clawing to get at the clothes and waves at Kimmi. “I’m Skyler, and I’m a size four.”

“Ignore her,” I say, elbowing her in the ribs.

Kimmi laughs and waves to the dresses. “I’ve got nothing but twelves on this one. Sorry, babe.” She winks at Skyler, and then looks me up and down. “You’re going to be fun to dress. Great cleavage, nice hips. Yep. Let’s get rolling.”

I look over at Skyler, who rubs her hands together like this is the greatest day ever.

“Are you shy?” Kimmi asks, looking around for a private section of our office.

I laugh. “No. I lived in an all-girls dorm for four years. I’m good.” Then I think for a second and look over at Skyler. “I’ll change on the other side of the racks. Jamie looks like she could snap my neck without even trying.”

Skyler laughs and picks up her phone, no doubt to tell Jamie exactly what I said. But I don’t want to be disrespectful to their relationship, and I know Jamie is very protective of her.

Kimmi wheels the rack over to a sitting area, and I stand on the other side, blocking my view of the two of them. I strip off my dress, and Kimmi points to where I should start.

The whole rack is nothing but long gowns that look as if they’re meant for something really fancy. Am I meeting the president or going to a silent auction? I guess I have to trust that Miles and Kimmi know what they’re doing.

I try on three dresses, and every time I walk around the rack, Kimmi shakes her head. It’s like I don’t even have an opinion, but again I’m going to trust her. The fourth dress I grab is gold and looks metallic. I have to take off my bra and panties to put it on, but when I do, the cool material feels so nice against me. And it fits me like a second skin.

As I walk out from behind the rack, Kimmi looks up from her phone and beams at me. “That’s the one.”

“Whoa,” Skyler says, giving me the once-over. “He’s going to kill you.” Then she smiles like the Grinch, and I can’t help but laugh.

Kimmi pulls a full-length mirror from inside the rack and I stand in front of it. The dress is gorgeous and accentuates all my best features. It has tiny strings that crisscross in the back and it dips low at my waist. The gold mesh isn’t see-through, but gives the illusion it is. The dress is cut low in the front as well, revealing my ample cleavage. The way the dress catches the light makes it looks like my skin is dusted with shimmer. It curves around my hips, and then goes straight to the floor, where it pools at my feet. It looks like I’m wearing liquid gold, and I’ve never felt sexier.

“He’s going to kill the both of us,” Kimmi says, but she’s got the biggest smile on her face. “I’ll make sure it’s wrapped up when it’s delivered. It will be our secret until it’s too late.”

“I like her.” Skyler nods in approval.

I look myself up and down, still not believing what I’m seeing. I’ve never worn anything like this in my life, but I look good. Even I can’t find a hidden flaw, and that’s saying something.

“It’s a shame, really,” I say, running my hands up and down the material.

“What?” Kimmi says, looking at me in the mirror.

I turn around and shrug a shoulder. “When he rips it off me, I won’t be able to wear it again.”

Chapter Thirty-Two


* * *

After work, Oz and I walk out holding hands, and it gives me warm fuzzy feelings floating in my belly. I’m over the moon in love with him; it’s like nothing can touch us.

“Dinner?” I ask, as my stomach growls.

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