I open my mouth and my eyelids grow heavy as I think about all the things I want to do to him right on this dirty mat. But as the fantasy starts to come to life, our cell phones ring.

Captain pops up and I do the same, both of us grabbing our phones, which are off to the side.

“Paige, oh my God, I’m engaged!” Mallory screams over the phone, and for a second, a tiny beat of my heart, I’m beyond jealous.

I look over at Captain and he looks at me, and in that moment something passes between us.

“Mal, if you ask me to wear pink, I’m going to murder you,” I say into the phone, my eyes still on Captain.

He blinks and then looks away, getting off the mat and walking in the opposite direction. Mallory is going on about her engagement, and then, finally, the part of me that loves her, the part of me that is beyond excited for my best friend, kicks in, and I smile while I listen.

Chapter Seven


* * *

“FUCKING HELL.” I roll over and look at the clock. When I got back from working out with Captain I cruised the internet for way too long, digging for information and finding nothing. I was going to need help and there was only one person I could think of who could do it. I’m not sure if he will or if he’ll tell Captain about me asking. I’ll have to come up with a plan. I rub my eyes, still feeling drained even though I slept. That hour nap is not going to cut it. It doesn’t help that I’m feeling sexually frustrated and my emotions are being pulled in every direction. I want to tug the covers back over my head and sleep until tomorrow. Preferably with Captain wrapped around me, so I wouldn’t be restless.

A loud bang comes from the living room, making me spring from my bed. No one can break into this building, so whoever’s banging on my door is someone who was allowed up. The security in the building is the best, and no way did someone who isn’t supposed to be here get in. I secretly hope it’s Captain, but I push that thought away. I don’t see him doing this. Though after the last forty-eight hours, I’m starting to rethink what he’s capable of. He’s getting me off balance and I can’t read him. One second I think he’s running hot, then the next he’s cold as ice.

Maybe Mallory is moving some of her stuff. I head for the door, ready to give the movers a mouthful. I fling it open, to find Mallory standing there with a Red Bull. She holds it out to me, and I know it’s some kind of peace offering for something she’s about to do. I didn’t think we were meeting today; I was sure Miles wasn’t going to let Mal out of his home for as long as he could keep her there. But maybe he wanted to ensure all her stuff was in his place as soon as possible, hoping that would make sure she couldn’t change her mind.

“Don’t stab me,” she says with a bright smile. She looks like she’s glowing. She’s in yoga pants and a shirt that’s too big for her, so I assume it’s Miles’s. Her hair looks like she just got out of bed, and her face is clean of any makeup. I’ve never seen her this happy before. And no matter how much it hurts that it’s not just me and her anymore, I can’t help but be happy for her. I grab the Red Bull and pull her in for a hug. I don’t want her to worry about me, though I know she will. This is her moment and I won’t get her down by throwing my shit on her shoulders.

Her body relaxes and she hugs me back. “I know we were going to go out and talk about wedding stuff, but…” She trails off, making me pull back and look at her. “Miles didn’t want me going far, so he kinda…” She looks toward the living room.

Oh God. When Miles does something, it’s never half-assed, especially when it comes to Mal. No one knows that better than me. I’ve been on the front lines for him, pretty much stalking her, for over four years. I shake my head, wondering what he’s up to, this time. I laugh as I pop the tab and take a drink. I walk into the living and come up short.


“Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have told him pink was my favorite color.”

Mallory didn’t have to tell him anything. Miles knows all when it comes to her.

I can’t help but laugh harder at the sight in front of me. The room is crowded with a variety of wedding-related paraphernalia, all in pink. I walk over to a rack by the sofa and pull off a wedding gown. “This is terrible. I didn’t even know they made pink wedding dresses!” It’s so ridiculous it’s funny, and I can’t stop laughing.

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