“I’d have to get married tomorrow or it’ll never fit.” She stands, putting her hand on her belly. “We read the test wrong Friday. We didn’t wait long enough. I’m pregnant. You’re going to be an aunt.” Her face lights up, and now I know where that glow is coming from.

I rush over to her, embracing her in a hug, knowing how disappointed she was, even if she tried to hide it, when the test was negative. Mal shows everything on her face.

“I still can’t believe it,” she murmurs next to my ear. I can hear tears in her voice as I pull back and look at her. She so freaking happy it makes me smile even wider.

“I know what this needs,” I tell her. She sniffs and gives me a watery smile. I know she’s happy, but it’s not the time for tears. It’s time for fun. “I’m going to try on that pink wedding dress.”

Mal bursts into laughter.

Chapter Eight


* * *

WHEN THE ELEVATOR DINGS, I look up from my phone and see Miles and Mallory step out. It’s Monday morning and things are back to normal. Well, as normal as they can be now that everything’s changed. Mallory is getting married and having a baby, and I’m too happy to worry about how this is going to affect me.

Standing up, I feel Captain move in beside me. I try to ignore the way my body heats at his proximity, and focus on my job.

I woke up bright and early this morning to get ready for the day. I dressed in my usual attire for work: a white button-up collared shirt and black slacks. I change it up a bit with my shoes, unable to stop wearing ridiculous heels. Thank God Miles has always provided me with a hefty salary, so I can afford the things I like. I should probably wear something more sensible, but shoes are my weakness. Well, shoes and food. For a second I think about the kiss I shared with Ryan and realize I could easily be addicted to that, too. Probably already am.

Shaking off the thoughts of him and his gloriously naked chest, I straighten my shoulders and tuck my phone into my red leather messenger bag that matches my shoes. Today I’m wearing my favorite pair of Miu Miu Mary Janes, with heels that look like big screws. They give me the height I need and make me feel industrially sexy. Is that a word? It is now.

I’ve been waiting down here for about fifteen minutes, during which time Captain was watching me from across the street. I wondered when he’d come inside, but I guess he was waiting until the happy couple needed their security detail.

“Good morning, kitten.”

His low voice sends a shiver of pleasure right between my legs, and I have to blink a couple times before I can respond. No one could have heard him say the words, and I’m sure if he repeated it to a stranger they’d seem normal. Possibly playful. But to me, the memory of the last time he called me that has a whole mountain of meaning attached to it. I remember his deep voice whispered in the dark, and all those desires come flooding back.

Thankfully, I’ve taken my mind out of the gutter by the time Mallory and Miles approach us. It’s then I realize I never responded to Captain, and it’s too late. I smile at everyone but him in greeting. Those green eyes will make my knees weak right this second and I need to compose myself first.

“We’re going to drive in this morning,” Miles says, pulling Mallory close to him as they exit the building. Mallory flushes a deep shade of red, and I try not to think about how messy the back of that limo is going to be when they get to our building.

I step outside and make sure Miles and Mallory are safely tucked inside the car before it pulls away from the curb. I watch them leave and then decide to walk to work. The morning is cool and I don’t mind the few blocks it takes to get there. There’s another security detail in place at Osborne Corp that will greet them when they finally peel themselves off one another and get to work. But before I can take two steps, Captain’s warm palm wraps around my hand and his body moves beside mine.

I’m obsessed enough to know that he was standing beside me the whole time I watched their limo leave, but I thought I could walk away without incident. Why is this man my undoing?

“I’m going to walk to work today, if that’s all right.” I don’t make a move to take my hand from his or to look into his eyes. I’m powerless at his touch, and if I see anything on his face that’s close to desire, I swear to God, I’ll climb his body like a stripper pole.

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