I lick my lips, wondering what he’ll do next. I can’t find any words as I stare at him in anticipation. All too slowly he sits up and looks down at me. He locks his jaw, and I can see all that control he’s trying to hold in as he pushes my shirt up my body, exposing me inch by inch, and I wonder if he is torturing himself, too.

When I’m fully bared to him, he cups my breasts with his rough hands, and they fill them perfectly. I arch my back for him, loving the roughness of his hands on my smooth skin.

“Captain,” I moan, begging for more. “Please.”

“You call me Ryan when I have my hands on you, or I’ll stop.” His thumbs brush over my nipples, then halt as he waits for me to do as he tells me.

“Ryan. Please. I need more.”

“Good girl,” he says, his voice thick with need. “I know what you need, kitten.” He slides his hands down my body, making my sensitive skin tingle with every touch. “I wanted to taste all of you tonight, but I can’t. I don’t think I can stop myself if I have a taste. I’d want to cover every inch of you with my mouth and make sure you were covered in my smell. But right now, instead of that, let me give you what I can.”

“Oh God,” I breathe shakily.

A whimper escapes as he reaches into his pants. I suck in a breath in an attempt to ground myself. He pulls out his cock, wrapping his hand around it and stroking the long, thick shaft. It’s insanely erotic, watching him touch himself. I grip the bar on the headboard tighter, wishing I could touch him. I have the urge to do that for him.

My inner walls clench with a need to be filled as he stares down at me, stroking himself. I can feel my panties dampen at the sight, but I can’t look away.

Suddenly he grips my hips, pulling my ass onto his thighs, opening me up even more to him. He pulls my simple white panties to the side as he glides the head of his cock against my clit, barely grazing it. My whole body jerks at the sensation. He slides his fingers to the lips of my sex, opening it and baring all of me to him. A string of words I can’t understand come out of Ryan’s mouth as I throw my head back, thrusting my chest into the air as he moves back and forth.

“God, you’re beautiful,” I hear him say, making me look back at his face. His eyes are trained on me as he continues to rub the head of his cock against my clit. Back and forth, driving me crazy, pushing me closer to my climax. I start to move my hips with him, thrusting and grinding, miming sex.

“Ryan.” His nostrils flare at the sound of his name. His dark green eyes seem darker than normal, and he looks primal. His thighs spread even more, and my legs go with them, opening me impossibly wider as his hand moves to my hip, his fingers digging into me. It’s a possessive hold, so tight I swear I can feel it all the way to the bone, the perfect bite of pain.

And just like that, the climax slams into me, making me cry out his name. Ryan jerks against me, and the warmth of his release coats me as we both reach our peak together. The heat of his seed on me and his possessive grip stretch the orgasm rolling through my body, reaching heights I’d never thought possible. I explode from every inch of my body, and when it finally ends, I’m exhausted.

My whole body goes lax and my eyes fall closed. I don’t know how long we stay like this, but I can feel Ryan’s eyes on me the whole time. He’s staring down at me, but I can’t summon the power to open my eyes or ask for my hands to be unbuckled. I’m not sure I want to be let go.

His fingers brush against me as he moves my panties back into place, and then he cups me. I feel like I’ve been marked on some unspoken, primal level. His release makes the panties stick to me, and I can’t say that I hate the sensation. I hear him shuffle around for a minute, then my wrists are free. He runs his finger along where my hands were bound, massaging them. Then his mouth is there, kissing them, and it makes me smile.

When he’s finished, he places his lips on mine in a kiss so soft I melt a little more into the bed, and sleep starts to take me. I would protest when he pulls away, but he takes me into his arms, wrapping his big body around me. His legs tangle with mine, and it’s better than the kiss. Having him wrapped so tightly around me is comforting and safe.

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