I lick under her ear, and then nibble my way down to her collarbone. I keep myself fully seated inside her, letting her fit to my size. When I get to her breasts, her breathing has evened out, and she relaxes a little under me. My mouth latches on to one of her nipples, taking the hardened peak softly between my teeth. I suckle her, then bite down a tiny bit, and I’m rewarded with a moan. She starts to wiggle her hips a little, opening her legs wider as I move my mouth to her other breast.

I have to possess her in every way. Something inside me is screaming for me to own her. I know that it sounds crazy, but I can’t help myself.

“You’re mine now, Paige. There’s no turning back.”

I’m a selfish beast, because I know exactly what I’m doing. I will dominate every inch of her if it means she can’t ever walk away from me.

With my mouth on her, she becomes as soft as warm butter under my touch. Her body relaxes, and I begin to move, letting her feel every ridge. Her tight walls surround my cock, and I’ve never felt a more perfect grip. The warm, wet heat of her channel welcomes every thrust. Her nails dig into my shoulders, and I beg her to mark me. I want the world to see that I belong to her, to my Paige.

She pulls me away from her breasts, and I take her mouth in a kiss that’s almost as feral as my need for her. Thick, hammering passion beats down on my back, and I take her like a savage. I know I should be tender and I should slow down, but I can’t hold back anymore.

“Harder,” she moans in my ear, and sweet fucking Christ, it’s like she’s been made for me.

I thrust harder, letting our bodies meet their primal needs. To love, to fuck, to breed. I want to get inside her so deep that I never leave, and I want her skin to absorb my scent. I want the two of us to share one set of lungs and never take a breath without the other. The need is beating between us like a living thing, and she clings to me, begging me for more. Begging for what only I can give her.

She’s saying my name and telling me she’s close. Her orgasm is like a wildfire and she can’t control it. I’m afraid if I go over with her, I’ll be split in two, but I can’t keep it together any longer. Her thighs grip my waist, and her nails drag down my back as she shouts her passion into the room. Her climax grips my cock, and I roar into the pillow as I release deep inside her.

It’s the single greatest moment of my life, and I’ve never felt more connected to another person. It’s as if our hearts combine in that moment and fuse into a bond that can never be broken.

We lock eyes as we both gasp for air, the two of us recognizing that this is bigger than we could have ever imagined. That what we had thought of as making love turned out to be the joining of souls. It’s more powerful than anything I’ve ever felt, and there is no going back.

Our eye contact doesn’t break as I slowly move inside her again. Tonight is the beginning of the rest of our lives, and I want to spend it making sweet passionate love to the woman under me.

I only pray that when she finds out my secrets, this will be enough to bind her to me.

Chapter Twenty


* * *

“OH, God.” MY back arches off the bed. I want to be closer to Captain. Need my body as near to him as possible. I don’t think, I react.

“Ryan,” Captain corrects, growling against my pussy. His broad shoulders have my legs spread wide to give his massive size all the room he needs as he eats me. He devours my pleasure as if it was his own. The vibration of his voice rolls over my clit, making my orgasm push forward, wanting to break free. Captain knows this, but he pulls back. “Say it.”

He likes to tease me. Maybe not tease exactly, but he likes to get what he wants. Long gone is the polite man who’d been holding back on me. When he took my virginity hours ago, something within him broke open. It’s animalistic, and I find every part of it intoxicating. I love when he takes control over my body and does whatever he wants with it.

I release my grip on the bar of the headboard, my fingers going to his hair. I try to thrust my hips upward, wanting his mouth back on me. His hand grasps my hip, locking me into place. Why does that shit, his controlling nature, turn me on?

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