“I love you.” I give him the words I know he wants. I’ve said them to him so many times throughout the night, he should be sick of it by now. But if he likes hearing me tell him that as much as I like when he says it, then I’m dead wrong. I could listen to him tell me he loves me over and over again and probably orgasm from only those words.

“All of it, kitten.” I grip his hair tighter.

“I love you, Ryan.”

“That’s my girl,” he says, before his mouth lands on my clit again. He sucks me in possessively, the pleasure exploding into an orgasm that I’ve been teetering on. It finally breaks free as I chant his name into the room, my whole body going lax.

He slowly crawls up, leaving a trail of kisses along the way. His morning stubble abrades my skin, and I’m sure I have his mark on every inch of me. When he reaches my mouth, he kisses me deeply, and I taste myself on him. The kiss turns soft and lazy as he moves his mouth against mine, then his body shifts over and settles against me. He pulls me tightly into his arms, and I close my eyes, smiling.

“Morning,” he says in my ear.

“Hmm,” is all I can muster in response. The man has worn me out more than any workout I’ve ever done in my life. And for the most part since last night, I’ve been on my back. He moves his hand from my hip, up my stomach, and then cups one breast. He can’t stop touching me, but I can’t keep my hands off him, either. I always want some part of me wrapped around him.

“My kitten is docile after a night of good lovin’.”

His words only make me smile more. I am. I want to lie here all day. I’m relaxed and sore all over. But a good sore. Every time I move today, it will remind me of him and all the things we did last night. The passion that exploded between us that had been building up for years has finally detonates. No more walls or secrets. Everything came tumbling down last night. I bared myself to him, and it felt good. It was freeing to finally let someone really see me.

“I fed you. Are you going to feed me now?” I tease, turning in his arms to cuddle against him. I bury my face in his neck, and something about it is comforting. Safe. Nothing can touch me when he’s wrapped around me. I wish I could stay here forever.

“Have I ever let you go hungry?” he asks, rubbing my back rhythmically.

I don’t think I want to get up for food right now. It’s the weekend, and we don’t have anywhere we have to be. I throw my leg over his body, crawling on top of his big frame so I’m straddling him. My face is still in his neck. He wraps both his arms around me, holding me close. God, he feels so good against me. I was stupid for ever fighting this, for missing out on even one moment of what we’ve shared.

“You’re not going anywhere. I changed my mind,” I tell him, burrowing further into him. I want to soak all of him up. His smell, his warmth, anything I can get.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted this?” he says lazily, making my heart do a little flutter.

I sit up, wanting to look down at him. The morning light spreads across the bed, and he looks me over. I’m not shy about my nudity and let him look his fill. I rest my hands on his chest, running my fingers through his short chest hair.

“You’ve really wanted me all this time?” We talked about it the other day. I’d even made a joke about him being a bit of a stalker, like Miles was with Mallory. That all these years when we both worked for Miles, he’d wanted me, too. I loved the thought of it.

“From the very start,” he confirms.

I bite my lip, wanting to ask more. I suddenly feel extra territorial.

“What is it, kitten?” he pushes, knowing I have something I want to say. It’s crazy how well he reads me. Maybe even a little scary. No, not anymore. I’m not hiding from him. I’ll give him all my secrets. I know they are safe with him. I can feel it.

“Last night was my…” I try to say it, but my cheeks warm.

A grin spreads on his lips. “I know. Why do you think I haven’t taken you again? I know you’re sore.” He runs his hands up my thigh. We haven’t had sex again since last night, but we’ve done other things. Well, he did things to me. Explored every inch of my body with his mouth and hands, over and over again. Like he thought he might have missed a spot. It felt like he was marking me. “Even if you try to tempt me by sitting naked on top of me.” He rubs small circles on my thighs with his thumb, making goose bumps break out on my skin.

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