“How did you know?” she asks, pulling down plates and serving us food.

“Kitten, I keep telling you that I know you better than you know yourself. You gave me the slip, but not for long.”

“I’m surprised Miles isn’t pissed,” she says, looking down at her plate.

“Nah. He knew where she was the whole time. There’s enough security in this building to guard the president. It’s not like you asked her to go to a bar so you could hit on men.” I give her a smirk, and she throws a grape at me.

“I only did that once. And it wasn’t to hit on men.” No, maybe it wasn’t, but half the bar was eye-fucking her by the time I showed up.

“Get over here and make it up to me.” I grab her by the waist and put her up on the counter of the kitchen. Pushing her blanket off her, I let it pool around her hips. I spread her legs, exposing her fully, and look at her sitting naked in front of me. “Delicious.” I still can’t get over that she’s here naked in front of me for my taking. For so many years I’ve wanted this. Worked toward it. I thought it would never come.

“What do I have to do to make it up to you?” Paige looks at me with hooded eyes, her dark auburn hair flowing down one shoulder. She smells like lavender, sex and me. My mouth waters to taste her again. She might have been a virgin last night, but Paige isn’t shy. Even better, she likes it dirty, something I didn’t know I liked until her. She brings out a barbaric side of me.

“I think you’re probably ready to take me again, aren’t you?”

She bites her lip, but spreads her legs wider, scooting to the edge of the counter.

“That’s what I thought, kitten. Always ready for me.” I unbutton my pants and kick them off. As I stand naked in front of her, my hard thick cock points angrily at her pussy. It’s the place he wants in most, and he’s dripping for her.

I grab one of her ankles and prop it up on my shoulder as I press my aching head to her opening. I thrust in firmly, letting her take all of me in one long slide, then give her a second to adjust.

“Relax, kitten. I’m going to take you deep like this. I want your eyes on my cock as it goes in and out of you. I want you watching me take you, and I want you to see it pulse when I come inside your pussy. Sucking every drop of me into you, where it belongs.”

I feel her clench around me at my words and watch as her eyes drop to our connection. I slowly drag out of her, and then thrust back in quickly. We both moan at the sensation of me taking her. As I pump in and out in even motions, she pants with need. I keep rocking at the same tempo while I bring my thumb up to her exposed clit. At the first touch she cries out my name, but doesn’t orgasm. She’s overly sensitive from my mouth, but she doesn’t tell me to stop.

My cock is slick with her passion, and my entry is so easy. She’s unbelievably tight, even after taking her cherry, and I don’t know how much longer I can last. I grab her other foot and put it on my shoulder so both her legs are up in the air. Her ass is on the edge of the kitchen counter, and she’s got her palms braced behind her for support. But she’s not going anywhere. I’ve got a grip on her hips, and we watch as our bodies become one over and over.

Turning my face to the side, I lick her ankle and bite down on the inside of her foot. She cries out my name, and it turns me on even more. I do the same to the other foot, and I feel her clench around my cock.

“I love you, kitten. I love you so much.”

Her back arches, and she screams as she comes on me. It’s the green light I’ve been waiting for, and I thrust into her hard one last time, filling her up with every drop I have. Marking her deep inside her body.

I take her legs off my shoulders and wind them around my hips. I pull her upper body to mine and hold her as we both try to catch our breath. It’s fast and intense, and it’s the best fucking thing I’ve ever felt.

“Every time I touch you, it’s better than the last,” I say, kissing the top of her head.

She looks up at me with eyes glazed with a lust-filled fog, and she smiles. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

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