I beam at him, thinking this is the kind of surprise I could get used to. I’m not one for having everyone look at me, but I’ll take a vacation any day of the week. I climb in and I’m bouncing in my seat as he comes in after me. The car pulls away, and I look at him, suddenly feeling wide-awake.

“Where are we going? I didn’t pack a suitcase. How did you do this? I’m so excited.”

Leaning forward, I plant a kiss on his lips, and he laughs as he takes over. My back hits the seat of the limo as he covers me with his body.

“It’s a surprise, and I packed your suitcase. Some things are worth waiting for, Paige. And you were worth every second.” His mouth moves down my neck, and I feel the slick heat of his tongue between my breasts. “My God, I know I’ve told you seven thousand times today, but you look so beautiful. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

I wrap my legs around his waist, and I feel the limo hum beneath us. The vibrations along with Captain’s mouth have me all too ready for him. The whole night has been full of sneaky touches and soft kisses, both of us knowing what was to come. That tonight we would make love as husband and wife, and though it would be the same as before, it would be something new. I can’t keep my hands off him as I run them up his dress shirt and under his suit jacket. I want him naked and grunting on top of me, but this limo seat isn’t big enough for that. It’s barely able to hold me, and Captain has his knees on the floor.

“How long do we have?” I ask, panting with need.

“Forever,” Captain says, pulling one of my nipples free and latching on to it.

“Ryan!” I cry out as the pain turns to pleasure. “I meant to where we’re going.”

He releases my breast and looks up at me with a wicked grin. The limo comes to a stop, and I want to curse. He moves my dress back in place and gives me a soft kiss before sitting up and adjusting himself. Once we’re both decent for the public, he opens the back door and helps me out. Our driver holds the door as someone takes our luggage out of the trunk and wheels it away. We’re on tarmac, and I see a plane a few feet away.

“Is that us?” I ask, looking over at my new husband.

“It is, Mrs. Justice.”

I love him calling me that, and I wrap my arms around him. “That thing have a bed?” I ask, wiggling my eyebrows.

“It does, Mrs. Justice.”

“Looks like you get to fuck me in the air. You really are a superhero,” I say, giving him a quick kiss.

He scoops me up, causing me to squeal out in surprise as he walks us to the plane. “You seem to have forgotten that. So I suppose I’ll have to show you. But I plan on making love first. Then fucking you.”

Captain carries me onto the plane and then buckles me up. I look around and see the thing is bigger than I expected, with bench seating on one side and a table and chairs on the other. There’s a door in the back that I assume leads to the bed, and I look at it and then at Captain, giving him a wink. He sits beside me and buckles up as the plane gets ready for takeoff.

“Are you sure you won’t tell me where we’re going?” I ask, giving him my best soft pouty face.

“Hmm,” he says thoughtfully, like he’s seriously thinking it over. “Tell you what. If I can get you off ten times before we land, I’ll tell you.”

“Ten!” I shout, and one of the crew turns to look at me. “Sorry,” I mumble, and look back at Captain. I lower my voice this time, not wanting anyone to hear us. “That’s impossible.”

“Oh, sweet kitten,” he says, taking my chin. “You forgot you’re married to me.”

Chapter Thirty-One


* * *

I STARE DOWN at my wife, her auburn hair spread out all over the white sheets of our bed. I’ve said the word over and over again and I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that she’s really mine now. Wife.

She hasn’t stirred in hours. Not since I pulled her from the plane. She barely even opened her eyes. Not that I blame her. I hardly left her alone the whole flight and I knew she was exhausted.

Her body looks so soft and welcoming. After I ruined her wedding dress, I had to give her my button-up shirt. I’d carried her from the plane into the car and right into our little hut over the water. As I stripped her bare and put her into bed, she didn’t make a sound. She didn’t wake for any of it. If she hadn’t placed a few sleepy kisses on my neck throughout the night, I would have been worried.

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