She rolls over, her legs dropping open and showing the evidence of all the orgasms I’d given her on the plane. My stubble left little marks on the inside of her thighs. I told her I’d tell her where we were going once I got her to ten orgasms, but my kitten passed out around number seven.

I trail my hand up her silky skin, cupping her pussy in a possessive hold. I never thought this day would come. Having Paige in my bed all spread out before me. The evidence of her belonging to me all over her body. You can’t look at any part of her and think she doesn’t belong to someone. It might be barbaric, but I don’t care. I want her to always look like that. Too many years spent away from her makes me a little inhuman when it comes to her.

She makes me feel whole. Washes away all the dirt that collected on me over the years doing undercover work. Makes me feel clean again. Makes me want to live up to this perfect picture she made of me. Just for her.

Her eyes slowly flutter open, a sexy smile spreading on her face. The sun shines in the window, making the little freckles on her nose show even more “I think you killed me.” The words are filled with a lazy pleasure.

I lick my lips, thinking about killing her all over again. I could spend this whole honeymoon doing nothing but feasting on her pussy if she’d let me.

“None of that. I think you’ve had your fill. I don’t even know what country we’re in,” she laughs, sitting up and going straight for my mouth, despite what she said. She wastes no time climbing into my lap. Fuck, I love that she can’t seem to get enough of me, either. Her sassy mouth is always saying one thing, but her body does another.

“I need to feed you, kitten,” I tell her, when she finally lets my mouth go.

“You need to tell me where we are,” she says, and tilts her head to the side, making me smile because I know what she wants when she does that. I grip both her hips in my hands, pulling her closer and nibbling at her neck until she wiggles in my lap.

I release one hip and grip her hair in my fist, making her give me even more of her neck. I suck hard with every intention of leaving a mark on her.

“Do it,” she says feverishly, grabbing on to me, her fingers digging in. “Mark me. I love seeing you on me when I look in the mirror. Turns me on.”

I suck on her harder as she moves against me, dragging her bare pussy along my cock. Come leaks out of me, her words alone making me lose control.

“That’s it. Oh, God. Mark me.” Her words come out breathy, and I know she’s already close. She knows just what to say to get me off, sinking her claws into the possessiveness I have for her.

“Show everyone I belong to you.” I feel the muscles in her body lock up. “Oh God. I’m yours, Ryan.” She yells out the last part, making me come against her. I hump her pussy and come like a teenager who saw his first Playboy. My come spreads across her pussy, ass and thighs, marking her even more. I keep moving against her, as her own orgasm explodes through her.

I lean back and watch her ride out the wave. Her eyes fall closed, and her body jerks against mine. The sign of her pleasure makes my cock come back to life, as if I hadn’t released all over her.

Her head falls forward, her dark red waves brushing over the both of us. A lazy smile spreads on her full lips, which still show signs of our make-out session. When her blue eyes open and lock on me, I can’t stop myself from kissing her all over again.

“I can’t believe I get to wake up like this every day for the rest of my life,” she says against my mouth. “You make everything else fade away. You know you did that, right? Filled me up with so much happiness I can’t remember anything else.”

A lump forms in my throat. I have to fight it down. “You don’t know what it means to me to know I did that for you. It’s all I ever wanted. To make you happy. Take away that sadness I saw in your eyes the first time I ever saw you.”

“Well, Captain, I promise you’ve done that and more.” She wraps her arms around my neck. “It’s all behind us, right?” she asks, and I know what she’s talking about. There’s still a trace of fear that lingers there. That we could be caught for what we did. I can see it in her eyes, but I know we’re in the clear. I would have let her know that if I thought there was even a question of it. I made sure of that. Plus, I had a plan for if we weren’t safe. In fact, we’re sitting in my plan right now, but for a different reason.