“It could be a girl,” Captain counters. His free hand slides into my hair. “Your eyes and hair. She’d be my little angel. Daddy’s little girl.” I can see him playing it out in his head. She would definitely be spoiled. Captain would be so fucked. She’d have him so wrapped around her finger.

“Then she better have your personality, because I’m no angel,” I tease him. It would be cute to see a little girl like him.

“She’s too big for it to be a girl. It has to be a boy, and he’s clearly going to be a giant like his father.” Mal nods like her words are facts that can’t be argued. I am gigantic, but I’ve been trying to stay on top of it. Eating right and walking now that I’m too big to run. I’ve even started doing some yoga. I’ll do anything to make sure this pregnancy goes right.

The doctor steps into the room at that moment, a bright smile on her face. She’s been just as excited to tell everyone it’s twins. Only she and I know.

“How is our mom-to-be doing?” she asks, heading over to the sink to wash her hands.

“We’re good.” Mal answers for both of us, making the ob-gyn laugh. She happens to be her doctor, as well. She demanded we go to the same one, not giving me a choice. Not that I put up a fight when the doctor is the best in New York. I knew I was high risk, so I wasn’t playing around. “Come tell Paige she’s having a baby boy already, so we can go.”

I shake my head at her. “Yes, please tell me what I’m having so I can get some lunch. These two are killing me. They haven’t fed me all day,” I lie. I literally just ate breakfast, but I’m eating for five. Well, it feels like I’m eating for five, anyway.

“You’re hungry?” Captains asks. He stops playing with my hair, and a concerned look crosses his face.

“I’m always hungry. Keep petting me,” I snap. “Sorry,” I add, and he laughs. I get snippy when I’m hungry. I also cry all the time for no good reason whatsoever. I’m turning into Mallory.

“All right. Let’s see what we’ve got here.” The doctor walks over to Mal’s side of the bed, and Mal reluctantly moves out of her way, coming to stand by my head while the doctor opens my gown and starts putting the gel on me.

When the monitor touches my belly, the whole room goes quiet as their heartbeats fill the room.

“Oh my God,” Mal says, and I know she sees it. I can hear it in her voice, and I know she’s crying.

I stare at Captain’s face. He’s looking at me until Mal sniffs, then his eyes snap to the screen. “Is something wrong?” I can hear the panic in his voice, and I grip his hand a little tighter. I don’t like that he’s scared. Captain is never scared.

“No, big guy. There’s just two of them,” I tell him. His eyes come back to me, but the panic doesn’t disappear. He’s been so worried about me and the baby, and now there are two to fret over. One more person for him to be concerned about.

“Is she okay? I thought… Fuck, can she handle two?” His voice is filled with both fear and awe. He wants this, but not at the cost of hurting me.

“Everything looks fine,” the doctor declares. “Both these baby girls are right on track, and the tests I’ve gotten back show Paige is doing better than fine. She’s in great shape, and she’s keeping herself and the babies healthy. She’s not the first tiny woman to carry twins,” she assures him.

“Two little girls,” Captain says, staring at the screen now. Then his eyes come back to mine again, and I can see they’re filled with tears.

“Let’s give them a moment,” I hear the doctor say as she wipes the gel from my stomach. I can’t take my eyes off Captain. Watching everything pass over his face is beautiful.

He leans down, putting his forehead to mine. “You’re giving me two little girls?” He says it again, like he can’t believe that I would grant him this wish. I would give this man anything I could. Anything in my power, and maybe even beyond. He makes me whole and happier than I ever thought I could be. I want to do the same for him.

“You put them there.” I smile up at him, feeling my own tears form.

“I’m going to be so good to you and our family. I promise, Paige.” There is so much determination behind his words, and I know he means it. He will be an incredible father.

“Ryan.” I sink my fingers into his hair. “You’re already so good to me and these girls.” He is. This man would do anything for me and our babies. It shows in everything he does. “I’ve never doubted you would be the perfect father and husband. That’s why I was so sad when I thought we couldn’t have babies. Because I know how good you will be at it. I also know these girls will come into this world knowing what a man should be like. I don’t know how they will ever find husbands of their own with a father as perfect as you.”

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