Page 10 of Claimed (For Her 3)

“Jay?” I say, trying to avoid the direct view of another man’s dick.

When she doesn’t answer, I look over to see her snap the jerky stick in her mouth. Her cheeks are red and her eyes are wide. She stills, not even chewing the bite she just took.

Oh fuck no. There is no way I’m spending an hour with Jay looking at another man’s junk. If she wants to draw a naked man I’ll take her back to my house, give her all the art supplies she needs and she can draw me for fucking hours.

“Ma’am,” I say, calling to the instructor.

She comes over, brightly bouncing on her feet and looking as helpful as an elf in Santa’s workshop. “Yes, what can I help you with?” She can help me with my woman not looking at another man’s junk.

I drop some bills on the table and stand up, grabbing Jay’s hand. “Sorry, but the only cock either of us is looking at tonight is mine.” I hear a few women give another catcall at my words. I grit my teeth a little more. Only Jay will ever be looking at my cock and I don’t like the idea of them even thinking about my cock.

I hear a squeak of surprise from Jay as I pull her from the table and out of the building as the music and women behind us get louder.

When I’ve dragged her almost an entire block, she finally pulls on my hand to slow down. I know I’m moving too fast but I want her away from that other man as fast as possible.

“I’m um…um,” she stammers, and I can see that her face is a bright shade of red. “I didn’t know that was happening.”

Suddenly she bursts into a fit of giggles, and I can’t help but join her, some of my jealousy melting away. Not all of it but some. It’s hard for me. I’ve wanted her from the moment I saw her and I don’t like the idea of any man having her attention.

“Did you just take me to a strip club?” I ask as I pull her over to a bench near the park and we sit down close together, needing to be right next to her.

“I’ve never been to one. How am I supposed to know?” Her cheeks pinken even more and her sweet innocence is intoxicating. I want to lean over and feel the warmth of her blush with my lips.

“Me either,” I admit and shrug.

“I thought all guys did that,” she says, nudging me with her shoulder. It’s playful and soft but somehow intimate but she looks over at me through her eyelashes and I can see the same spark of jealousy flash in her eyes. Clearly the idea of me seeing a woman naked is something she doesn’t like. This gives me more hope that this friend zone is fast dissolving.

“Guess I missed that memo. I’m a perfect gentleman. I’d never take someone to a strip show on the first date. But you, you’ve got some balls, Rose,” I tease, trying to making it more light.

“God, this would only happen to me.” She shakes her head. “And I didn’t say this was a date.” I can see the shyness on her face from her words, and that’s not a familiar look on her.

“You’re right.” I reach out and brush a strand of hair from her cheek. The need to touch her too strong to stop myself. “That was me. And I’d like a do-over.”

She licks her lips, and I see how soft they are. I ache to take her in my arms and kiss her so completely that the only thought she ever has is of me.

“Another paint night?” Her voice is low, and there’s more than just that question in it.

“A real date. Let me treat you like a lady.” I bring her hand to my lips, but before I make contact, I look into her eyes. “No running this time.”

I don’t look away from her as I press my lips to her hand and then place it on my chest right over my heart, showing her this is happening. This isn’t a friend thing. It’s real. I’m going to make her mine. Well, make her know she’s mine. To me she’s been mine from the first time I saw her.

“Say yes,” I tell her. Looking into her eyes.

“Yes.” I feel tension leave my body at her one simple word, feeling closer to what I know my future is going to be. Her. I’m trying to be patient. To not push her too fast but it’s hard. I don’t want to scare my little bird with how much I feel for her. Cause if it was up to me I’d take her home with me and that’s where she’d stay. Waking up every morning next to me.