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“It’s small.” He glances down at me, still rubbing my back.

“You make it seem even smaller,” I add.

Normally it’s just me. I don’t need a lot of space, but now with Jordan standing in my living room, the space is definitely tight.

His movements stop, and he tightens his hold on me. “Guess we’ll just have to cuddle.”

“You’re a cuddler?” I tease.

“I think I could be.” He leans down, taking my mouth in a soft kiss. It’s slow, but it only takes a second before it turns into something more. Jordan deepens the kiss, and I taste his flavor as his tongue touches mine. I moan, wanting more. God, I didn’t know kissing could be like this, that you could feel so connected to someone and so easily get lost.

“God, I love when you do that.” My eyes flutter open to see him looking down at me.

I don’t want to talk. I want to kiss. I grab the back of his neck and pull his mouth back against mine, wanting that connection.

His strong arms pick me up and carry me a short distance before my back hits the mattress. I’m so far gone that even through that, I don’t break the kiss. He’s on top of me, and the heavy feel of his body on mine is making my body crave more. I know that kissing alone isn’t going to be enough.

He leans back, and my mouth goes to his neck, loving the rough stubble against my lips. It makes goose bumps spread across my skin, and I wonder what this would feel like in other places. I hear him moan my name, and the sound pushes me to do more. I love that I’m turning him on. It makes me feel sexy and powerful. It’s intoxicating to know I can give him the kind of pleasure he can give me.

“I love how you’re Miss Always In Control, but with me it’s not that way,” I hear him say as my eyes flutter open. “You make me feel like your whole world. You let everything go and fall into me.”

I touch his cheek and stare into his dark eyes. I want so much with him, and it’s all happening so fast. Every thought I have about him flies through my mind, and suddenly I’m feeling a little shy and unsure of what to do next.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he mutters, making my face heat. I don’t think anyone has ever called me that before. Cute, maybe, but never beautiful.

“Do you have any idea how long I dreamed about this moment? Having you under me? You clinging to me? Your lips red and swollen from me?” It’s not a question, because his mouth comes back down on mine before I can answer.

His mouth leaves mine and goes to my neck, where he grazes my skin with his teeth, then soothes it with gentle licks. I let my eyes fall closed, trying to take everything in. My whole body feels like it’s ready to burst. My legs are shaking, and I feel so hot and sweaty.

“Jordan,” I moan, rolling my head to the side, wanting him everywhere.

“I got you, baby. Lie back and let me love you,” he whispers in my ear.

Cool air greets my body as he unbuttons my shirt. He runs his hands up my stomach and to my breasts, popping the center clasp of my bra and slowly pushing the fabric to the side. My breasts spill free, my hard nipples exposed to him.

I watch his intense gaze on them right as he licks his lips and leans down. He sucks one of my nipples into his mouth, making my back bow off the bed. The sensation goes straight to my clit, and I have the urge to scream. He grips my hips, locking me into place. He switches his attention to my other nipple, giving it a little bite. God, I didn’t know this could feel like this.

Just when I think I’ve had enough, he trails kisses down my stomach to the edge of my skirt. Slowly he pulls it down my legs, and I blink my eyes open to watch.

Once my skirt is gone, he stares down at my simple blue underwear. I suddenly feel really shy about my choice of panties. I don’t own anything sexy when it comes to lingerie. I always go with function instead of sexiness. I never had to worry about anyone seeing them before, but now I wish I had on a thong or some lace. Anything to make me look prettier.

I part my legs a little, and his eyes come to mine. There’s a look there I’ve never seen on his face before. I bite my lip, watching him. It’s then I realize I’m almost naked and he still has on all his clothes.