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Summer sits back on her hands and shakes her head. “They’re full right now. I already checked. Come on, you can’t kick me out on the streets.”

When I see the tremors go down Jay’s back, I grab her arm and half drag her to the bedroom. When we get there, I close the door behind us and sit her on the bed as I go to the closet. I grab two big suitcases and put them out on the bed beside her, flinging them open.

I grab the contents of her dresser, scooping up everything in both my arms and dumping them into the bag. For a woman, she really doesn’t have a ton of clothes. Next, I go to the closet, lifting the clothes—still attached to the hangers—and fold the pile in half. I stuff the clothes down in the other suitcase. Then I see a large gym bag in the bottom of her closet and decide to use that for her shoes. I’m almost finished filling it up when I hear Jay finally speak.

“Jordan, what are you—”

“This is really simple, little bird. Summer can stay here and you can stay with me until you get this worked out. It’s perfect.”

“What? I’ve never even been to your place. I can’t just move in with you.” She stands up and holds her arms out like this whole thing is too much.

“There’s plenty of room. You’ll love it.” I toss the bag of shoes beside the suitcases and hold out another bag for her to get her bathroom stuff. “Unless you want me to put your lady business in here, I’ll let you handle that.”

“My lady business? Seriously? Has everyone lost their damn mind today?” She drops her head in her hands, and I walk over to her, sitting down on the bed and pulling her into my lap.

“Shhh. I’m here. Hey,” I say, making her look up at me. “Do you trust me?”

Her dark eyes shine with unshed tears, but she smiles and nods. “You know I do.”

“Then trust that no matter what happens today, tomorrow, or fifty years from now, I’ve got you. I’ll take care of anything that comes our way, and you don’t have to worry. You let me do that for you. Okay?”

“Is it really that simple?” There’s so much hope in her voice, and it makes me proud that I’m able to answer that for her.

“It is. When it comes to me and you and the way I feel about you, nothing could be simpler.” I reach out and cup her cheek. “Jay, I—”

“Jay, is this garlic free-range gluten-free?” Summer shouts as she busts open the door without knocking.

I hold back the growl that’s forming in my chest, because I don’t want to say something to Summer I can’t take back. No matter how aggravated Jay is, this is still her family. And to be honest, this probably wasn’t the best time for that conversation. I want to be able to make that special.

Without answering Summer, Jay turns to me and a look of finality passes over her face. “Do you need me to carry one of these bags?”

“I think I can manage,” I answer winking at her.

Chapter Fourteen


“So this is what you call ‘plenty of room’?” I say, my voice echoing off the marble walls.

“I like having a big bathroom. Are you really complaining? You’ll be the first woman ever to use that tub.”

I raise an eyebrow and lean against the bathroom counter. “First woman? Have you had many men in here?”

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little self-care. So I like bubble baths. You want to make fun of me or join me?”

I watch as he walks over and turns on the taps, grabbing a ball of something from the side and dropping it in. When I give him a quizzical look, he smiles.

“Bath bombs.”

“My bathtub is so tiny I’ve never bothered to take a bath. God, I can’t remember the last time I soaked in a hot tub.”

He comes back to where I am, and I see the hungry look in his eyes. I expect him to be aggressive, so when his touch is gentle, it surprises me.

He lifts off my T-shirt and then reaches down, unbuttoning my jean shorts. He pushes them off my hips and then slowly runs his hands up my waist and to my bra. I smile shyly as he unclasps it and drops it to the floor.

“So beautiful,” he says, looking straight into my eyes.

He doesn’t break contact as he pushes my panties off my hips and I step out of them. When he reaches for the bottom of his shirt, I stop him.

“Let me.” I help him take his off. Because he’s so much taller than me, he has to bend down. My hands go to his pants, and he has to help me unbutton them because my hands are shaking. So much for being super seductive right now.