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It’s incredibly hard to concentrate on giving someone pleasure when you’re getting it, but that doesn’t seem to stop Jordan. The hand he has between my legs is tormenting me, while the one on my breast is nearly as maddening. I’m climbing close to an orgasm, and I don’t know how much longer I can hold it back.

“Every time you walked away from me, I would stare at your ass so I could imagine it later when I was coming, thinking about having my hands on it and gripping it as I made love to you.”

He circles my clit, and it’s the steady, even rhythm that I love to use when I get myself off. But with him, it’s so much better. I gasp as the orgasm hits and my body tenses. I scrabble at the sides of the tub and hold on as I ride out the wave of pleasure.

“That’s it, little bird. Let it all out,” Jordan says against my ear, and I have no choice but to do what he says.

My body turns into a puddle as I come down, and he holds me close. After a few moments pass, I feel a warm cloth wash over me, and then he’s rinsing me off and telling me to stand up.

“It’s over?” I pout, not wanting to leave the bath.

“I don’t want you drowning because you pass out in here,” he says, helping me out and wrapping me in a warm, fluffy towel.

He takes a second to dry me off before taking a towel for himself and doing the same. When he’s finished, he wraps it around his waist, and I see his cock is just as hard as it was before we got in the tub. It’s then I realize he never got off.

“I’m sorry, I got distracted,” I say, trying to explain.

He smiles and shakes his head. “You’re so selfish. Always so greedy to get off.” I blush at his teasing, but he takes me into the bedroom and pulls back the covers on the bed. “You need to eat. Why don’t you rest for a little while and I’ll order us some food? You haven’t eaten since the bar last night.”

Exhaustion hits me as I climb into the bed naked and snuggle in. These orgasms seem to make me sleepy. The sheets smell like Jordan, and I instantly feel safe and secure. There’s no other bed in the world I’d rather be in.

He says something else, but I don’t catch it. By the time my head has burrowed into the pillow, I’m already asleep.

Chapter Fifteen


When I wake up, I roll over and reach for Jordan. The place I expect him to be is cool, and I open my eyes to find him. Sitting up, I see he’s nowhere in the master bedroom, so I go to the bathroom to see if he’s in there. I take a few steps, and I hear the shower running. I feel like being naughty.

I’m already naked, having gone straight to bed last night after taking a second bath with Jordan. I think I could live in that tub with him. I must have needed the sleep, because at one point I remember Jordan waking me up to eat dinner. I told him I wasn’t hungry after the massive lunch he’d fed me. Then at some point later, I felt his warm arms around me as I drifted even deeper under. God, I must have slept twelve hours.

When I sneak into the bathroom, I see the steam coming from the shower, but the glass is clear. I can see Jordan under the spray with his eyes closed, the rivers of water washing down his back and over his firm ass. I lick my lips thinking about wanting to bite him there, and then his hips turn.

I gasp when I see his hand on his cock, stroking up and down in long pulls. His hand is soaped up and he’s fisting himself harder than I would have imagined he liked.

“Jay,” he moans, and I look up to lock eyes with him. “Fuck.” He grunts and scans my naked body, up and down.

I take a step forward, and he slams his hand against the glass.

“No. Don’t come in. Just stand right there,” he says, pain in his voice.

I reach up and put my hand against his, the glass separating us as he goes back to stroking his cock. He’s on edge, I can see that. His body is tense and tight. If I were to step in that shower with him, he might lose control. And as much as I want him to do that, I know that Jordan is a good guy. He wouldn’t want me to do something in the heat of the moment that I would regret. But what he doesn’t know is that there isn’t anything I’d ever regret when it comes to him.