Page 34 of Claimed (For Her 3)

“Touch yourself,” he says, his voice deep and filled with need.

I slip my free hand between my legs and through my wet folds. I moan at the sensation, loving the feeling but wishing it was him.

“Faster.” His voice is demanding as he runs his tight fist up and down his length, the round head of his cock almost red with need.

I do as he commands and circle my clit. I speed up to his rhythm, and suddenly we’re both moving at the same speed. I’ve never been this bold in my life, and I realize that I don’t feel any embarrassment. I’m not shy or ashamed. Instead, I’m a goddess pleasuring myself in front of my man so that he can enjoy it as much as I enjoy watching him. It’s powerful, and I want to use it to my advantage.

Taking my other hand away from the glass, I use it to pinch my nipples and rub my breasts. I lean back on the counter of the sink and spread my legs so that he can see everything he wants. His grunts and moans are ringing approvals of how much he loves watching me. He moves both hands to his cock, rubbing his balls and his shaft, all while staring at me.

“I can’t last much longer,” he says, and there is a pleading note in his voice.

“Come with me.” I pinch my nipple and rub my clit in just the right spot to send myself over the edge.

The pulses in my pussy are intense, but the sight of him coming undone sends a throb through me unlike anything I’ve ever felt.

A thick stream of cum shoots out of his cock and rolls down his shaft. His deep sound of pleasure sends a chill down my spine, and God, how I wish I could feel it on me. Inside me.

“Fuck,” I whisper and close my eyes. The vision and the desire are too intense, and it sends me into another orgasm.

I hear the shower door open, and then I feel a warm, wet hand pull me. I let out a squeak as I’m pulled under the spray, and then his lips are on mine.

“How could something so simple be so fucking hot?” he groans against my lips.

“I don’t know. But next time you better let me in.” I feel his hard length against my belly, and I reach down and rub him. “Want to try a do-over?”

“Hands to yourself, little bird.” He kisses me softly and then spins me around so I have to let him go. “Shower up and then we’re headed out.”

“Where are we going?” I ask as he smacks my ass and steps out of the shower.

“Well, since you slept through dinner, food first. Then you get to come watch me spar with my team. Then we’re going to my dad’s.”

He’s got a towel around his waist now, and I make a point to look down at it and then back up to him.

He smiles and shakes his head as he leaves the bathroom. I make quick work of getting ready, seeing he already put all my stuff in here. When I hop out, I towel off and then quickly blow-dry my hair. Once I’m finished I walk into the bedroom to find him already dressed.

He’s wearing a T-shirt with loose track pants and sneakers. He looks comfortable as he slips on a track jacket and zips it up.

“You know, the more you look at me like that, the more I think you’re after me for my body.” He winks at me and grabs his gym bag.

“You’ve discovered my secret,” I say, dropping my towel dramatically and walking naked to the closet.

He’s on me in point-three seconds, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my neck.

“You’re the greatest temptation I’ve ever faced,” he says, burying his face in my hair.

“Why didn’t you wake me up last night?” I wondered that as soon as I woke up. Why hadn’t he tried to make love to me? Even with the shower this morning, it’s like he’s trying to keep himself at a distance. “Are you afraid of getting serious?”

That’s the real question, what’s driving the fear that sprouts in my stomach when I’m unsure of what he’s after. Am I always going to be kept at arm’s length?

He leans back and shakes his head. He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear and sighs. “No. I’m already serious with you, Jay. I’ve never been more serious. I just want to make sure…” He trails off and then shakes his head. “I want it to be special. As lame as that sounds. I don’t want you half asleep or rushed for time. I want our first time to mean something.”

“Are you blushing?” I ask, and I can’t keep the giggle out of my voice.