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“It was sitting outside your door,” she says over her shoulder as she walks away from me. “Lock up on your way out.”

I take the box with the dead bird and bag it. There was no note or return address, and the fact that it was outside the door makes me really nervous. How could someone just leave this outside my door? Is this some sort of sick joke?

I walk down to the front desk and speak to the doorman that’s there. He doesn’t have any information and says he can request the camera footage if I fill out some forms. I don’t have time, but I take them with me, saying I’ll drop them by later before his shift is over.

He takes the bag and says he’ll dispose of it and contact the building management to see what they can do.

It’s not much to go on, but at least it’s something. I should tell Jordan about it, but with everything that’s going on with his dad, I don’t want to add to his stress. I know how protective he is of me already, and I can’t imagine this would make it any better.

By the time I’ve got all of it taken care of, the sky has opened up and it’s pouring rain. I’m in a cab halfway to the park when I get a text.

Jordan: Looks like our picnic is once again ruined.

Me: At least this time I didn’t kick you in the balls.

Jordan: There’s that silver lining I was looking for.

Me: Want to meet at the cafeteria at work?

Jordan: Don’t think I can make it across town in time. I’m going to head to the hospital. I’ll see you after work.

Me: Okay, tell Pop I said hello.

Jordan: XOXO

Disappointment hits me as I tell the driver to take me back to Osbourne Corp. Could this day get any worse?

Chapter Nineteen


I look at the clock on my computer for the millionth time, willing it to move faster. I swear it’s taunting me. Normally I’m always on the move at work and the day flies by, but today my mind can’t seem to focus.

Picking up my phone, I check to see if Jordan has texted me with any updates. I’m disappointed when I see nothing new. I don’t know if no news is good news. I hate not being there with him, holding his hand while he has to go through all of it.

“Jay.” I jump at the sound of Miles calling my name. I must’ve zoned out. “Why don’t you head out?” he says, studying me for a moment. I glance back at the clock and see it’s only a little after three. I still have a list of things I need to finish.

“Sir, I…” I want to leave. To go to the hospital and check on Jordan. I’ve felt off all day, and I want to be close to him right now, but I also know I’ve missed a few days already and there are things I need to take care of here. I still have a pile of emails to go through and a few reports to go over, as well.

“Jay, go. I know you’re worried. You have a million vacation days saved up.” He’s right. I do. I never use them. “This isn’t a request. Do what you need to do, and go. Your mind isn’t even here right now, so there is no point in staying.”

“I promise I’ll get all caught up—”

He raises his hand to stop me. “It’s fine. You’re my best employee. I know everything will be taken care of, and we have nothing pressing that can’t hold off for a day or so.”

“Thank you.”

Miles nods and goes back to his office. I don’t wait another moment before I grab my purse and shut my computer down. I pick up my phone, checking it once again as I head to the elevator and slide in the key card. The one I told myself I’d probably never use but now I can’t seem to help myself.

When I get in the elevator, my phone dings with a text from Jordan. I hurry to open and read it.

Jordan: Take a cab.

I glance up at the camera and smile before shaking my head. I have a feeling Jordan can even pull up building security from his phone. I don’t think there is anything he can’t do with technology.

Me: You watching me?

Jordan: Always.

That should probably be creepy, but all it does is make me feel warm inside. I love that he worries about me enough to check in. I’ve never really had that before. When I lived at home, I was always the one doing all the worrying for everyone else. They all seemed to think I had it all under control, so no one ever bothered to see if I was okay. Having Jordan do this now is comforting in a way I wouldn’t have expected.

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