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“I can’t have you messing her face up. We need her to be able to talk to that boyfriend of hers. Seems there are more problems.”

“What kind of problems?” Spencer doesn’t turn to look at the man. I glance over at the new guy. He’s in a dark suit and fills up a lot of space in the door. I can tell that much. But his face is hard to see because he’s not stepping into the room, and my eyes are still watering from the smack. My cheek throbs, and I want to hold it, but I want to have my hands ready in case Spencer comes at me again.

“Our guy is having problems getting some of the stuff removed from the Osbourne servers.”

“Fuck!” Spencer grunts. His eyes harden on me. He walks over to me, grabbing me by the hair and pulling it. My sister tries to grab for him, but Spencer pushes her, sending her to the floor. I reach up, gripping his hand, trying to weaken his grasp.

“You’re going to make a little call for us, aren’t you.” There’s no question to Spencer’s words.

“Yes,” I say instantly, trying to seem agreeable. I know that if I say no they’ll threaten Summer, and I can’t handle that right now.

“That’s a good girl.” He leans down close to me, and he licks my face from my chin to my forehead. I have to bite back a gag when I feel his erection digging into me. “As sweet as I thought you would be.” Then he lets me go, throwing me down to the floor next to Summer.

“We’ll be back,” he says turning to leave but stopping at the door. “Don’t worry, though, Jay, we’ll still get to have our fun soon enough.” He reaches down and adjusts his crotch before turning and shutting the door. The lock clicks into place, and I finally let the tears come.

Chapter Twenty-Five


My fist goes through the Sheetrock, and I welcome the burn on my knuckles. I pull back and do it again, the pain in my hand nothing compared to the pain in my chest.

“You going to let him keep doing that?” Ryan says behind me.

“It’s either that or someone’s face. Just let him get it out,” Paige sighs, and I go back to beating up the wall.

It’s been almost twenty-four hours. Miles wanted to call in the cops and report her missing, but Ryan and Paige talked him out of it. They explained that this is something we want to take care of in-house, and that means we can handle it how we want to when we find her. And find the bastard that took her.

I’ve been up all night, and I think most everyone else has been, too. Miles finally left with Mallory at some point in the night, and the rest of the team has been sleeping in shifts. I’ve done all I can do, and so far, nothing has popped up. I’ve caught a trace of someone trying to break into our system to wipe the servers, but both times they’ve slipped past me. That was the first time I punched the wall. After that, I just needed to do it every few minutes to give myself some kind of release. I’ve almost destroyed one whole side of the department, but nobody tries to stop me.

My scans finished an hour ago, and I couldn’t cross-reference any location where they might be holding Jay with our files here. I was able to find all the dirty shit Miles was looking for, so at least my time wasn’t totally wasted. There were all kinds of illegal deals slipped into this contract that was set to make Stein a ton of money. I don’t know what kind of shit he got himself wrapped up in, but now that the deal hasn’t gone through, he owes a lot of people.

My stomach churns, and I turn around, putting my back to the decimated wall. I slide down it until my ass hits the carpet, and then I put my head in my hands.

All I keep thinking about is Jay alone somewhere. Scared. Hurt. Dead? A bubble of panic rises in my throat, and I have to hold it down. I can’t think like that. It’s not hopeless. Not yet.

I take a breath and start with what we know. The Lannister deal was set up so that an international company could funnel illegal ammunition through Osbourne Corporation undetected. Stein took a huge payment up front and blew through the money without having the deal secured. Jay got suspicious, and when she started poking around, Stein skipped out of work to avoid getting caught. Then he tried to slide the deal to Miles on the side so that it would get signed without a fuss. If Jay hadn’t caught it, no one would have known. Stein wrote the deal himself, and he didn’t have anyone else checking his work. No one other than my little bird.