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After a few more feet, we come to an open area in the building. There’s a Jeep parked in the middle of what looks like an airplane hangar.

Summer is standing next to the Jeep, holding her face, while Michael stands in front of her, with his hand poised like he’s about to strike her again.

When he hears us, he turns around and shrugs at Spencer. “This one doesn’t have to stay pretty.”

Fear for my sister overwhelms me. I try to go to her, but Spencer grips my hair so tight I feel some of the strands leave my scalp.

“Get in,” he orders, shoving me into the back seat, then climbing in after me.

Instinctively I go to the far door to grab the handle. Only there isn’t one. There’s nothing on the inside to open the door. No locks, nothing.

“Come sit in my lap, Jay. The road may get a little bumpy, and I want you right here.”

I look back to see Spencer rubbing his cock, and I cling to the door, as far from him as possible. He gets an angry look on his face and grabs me by the arm, dragging me over to him.

Just then, Summer is pushed into the front seat, and Michael walks around to the driver’s side. I watch Summer buckle up and glance back to me in the mirror above her seat. When he gets in, he shuts his door and inputs a code into a keypad on the dashboard. The long metal door in front of us opens up, and sunlight streams in. It’s at odds with what’s happening to us right now. How can the sun shine so bright when all of this is so dark and dirty? This is a nightmare; how can it happen during the day?

When the Jeep begins to move, Spencer drags me onto his lap, and I can feel his stubby cock dig into my hip. I want to throw up on him so he pushes me away. But then I think he might get angrier and start hitting me again, and my face still throbs from before.

Instead I sit as still as possible and watch Summer to make sure she’s okay. I see Michael reach over and put his hand on her thigh, holding it there and softly petting her. God, I don’t know which is worse, the silent unknown of what he might do to her or the perverted asshole who at least tells me what he’s going to do.

“Oh, that’s it,” Spencer says as we drive down a rocky road.

I feel bile rise in my throat, and though I don’t want to throw up, I might not have a choice.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time, you know,” Spencer says, leaning close to me.

I move as far away as I physically can with the grip he has on me. I don’t answer him, fearing that the only thing that’s going to come out of my mouth is whatever food I had to eat sometime yesterday.

“All you had to do was give me what I wanted. Just a little attention would have saved you from all this. Well, maybe not from everything.”

I realize at this point I need to keep him talking. Maybe if he tells me what happened, I can figure out a way to get us out of this.

“So if I had flirted with you, I wouldn’t be here?” I can’t look at his face when I ask the question. All I want to do is smack him.

“No, sweet Jay. I wanted you to bend over that desk of yours and let me have my way. But you’re a stuck-up little bitch, aren’t you?” He reaches out and grabs my breast, squeezing it hard and then twisting.

I cry out, and then I hear Summer shouting from the front seat.

“Make him stop!”

She looks to Michael with pleading eyes, but he just shrugs.

“When I got asked to do a little work on the side to make some extra money, I never could have dreamed you’d be the icing on the cake.”

I want to keep him talking, but the pain in my breast is throbbing almost as bad as my face, so I’m afraid that whatever question I ask is going to keep going this way.

The Jeep turns down another road and we’re on a back highway lined with trees. I have no idea where we are. Headed to upstate New York maybe? They must have taken us out of the city when we were drugged, because none of this looks familiar to me.

I catch Summer’s eyes in the mirror again, and I can see them narrow. She’s trying to tell me something, but I don’t know what. She glances down and then back up to me. She does it several times before I look down at her and notice her hand on her seat belt tighten. She’s giving me some sort of signal about buckling up.

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