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“We’ve got to get out of here,” Paige says.

“I don’t think he’s dead,” I say, looking back to Stein.

“He will be when this place goes up,” Ryan says, getting everyone from the cabin.

“She needs to get to the hospital,” Summer says, and I see the look of concern for her sister on her face.

Looking down at Jay, I really see her for the first time. I see the blood on the side of her face, and her eyes are almost completely closed. She’s slipping in and out of consciousness, and I need to wake her up.

“Wake up, little bird. You’ve got to open your eyes a little longer,” I coax, trying to keep her awake.

She opens her eyes, and they’re glassed over. She looks at me for a second and then looks past me in the distance.

“Gun!” she shouts, and we all turn to see Stein stepping out of the cabin and waving it toward us.

Without thinking, I’m in motion. I pull out my gun, take aim, and fire off two bullets before anyone else has time to react. Stein drops dead in the doorway of the cabin right before the entire thing explodes.

“Jesus Christ!” Paige yells from behind me, and we all duck down.

We’re far enough away that the debris doesn’t hit us, but the heat from the blast is enough to scare the shit out of anyone. Too close for my liking.

I pull Jay back up in my arms and cradle her as I make my way to the truck.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here,” Ryan barks.

By the time we make it back to the truck, relief that I’ve got Jay in my arms again sets in. The panic I was feeling recedes, and some of the pain in my chest eases. She’s safe. She’s with me, and she’s going to be okay.

Everything is going to be okay.

Chapter Thirty


He saved me. He’s got me in his arms, and I’m going to be okay. Relief floods me, and just as I open my mouth to tell him how happy I am, he comes to an abrupt stop.

“Put her down or she’s dead.”

I turn my face away from Jordan’s chest and to the truck up ahead. I’m completely shocked when I see Spencer standing there holding a gun and pointing it straight at me. He must have gotten it from Michael after the accident, because he didn’t have one before.

“The six of us are armed and ready to kill you. Are you sure you’re in a position to make those kinds of threats?” Jordan asks, but his grip on me tightens.

“Stand down,” Ryan says to everyone, and nobody moves.

Spencer laughs, but it’s bone-chilling and he looks crazed. The gun shakes in his hand, and if possible, it makes me even more nervous.

“Spencer, don’t do this. Put the gun down,” I say, trying to plead with him.

“If I put down the gun, I’m a dead man. But I guess I’m a dead man either way. You may have blown up those two, but the rest of them will come looking for their pound of flesh.” He uses his other hand to steady the gun on me as he takes a step closer. “The least I can do is give them something in return. I’m sure a peace offering would smooth things over.”

He licks his lips, and revulsion rises in my stomach.

“You’re not putting a finger on her,” Jordan says through clenched teeth. “There’s only one way you’re getting out of this, and it’s in a body bag. How quickly that happens is up to you.”

“Don’t do this,” McCoy says from behind us, and I don’t know if he’s talking to Jordan or to Spencer.

“If you kill me, I’ll take your precious little bird out with me. Is that what you want?”

Jordan is shaking with rage, and it’s all I can do to stay still and not panic.

“Don’t you dare call her that!” he yells, and then he’s moving.

My world is flipped upside down as Jordan spins his body and puts me behind him. I hear the gun go off, and screams ring in my ears, but I don’t know if they’re mine or someone else’s.

My body hits the ground, and Jordan comes over on top of me, but he doesn’t look right. His face has gone white, and his mouth is open with no words coming out. The light in his eyes is dimming, and I don’t know what to do.

“Jordan? Jordan!” Hysteria takes over as I look down and see red blossom across his chest. It’s spreading fast, and I place my hand over it to try to make it stop.

“Get him in the truck, now!” someone shouts, and his weight is lifted off me.

I climb in behind him, hands helping me to sit in the seat as someone starts compressions and counting off for CPR. Someone else is on the phone, screaming for medics as the truck is in motion.